60 Day Online Challenge

May 17th – July 16th

60 Day Program Includes


  • Plateau busting routines created by Kristie & Michelle, specific for your goals
  • Access to our new, digital system
  • Nutrition plan changes weekly
  • Custom cardio & strength training plan
  • Check-in with your trainer weekly
  • In-App Messenger with your trainer
  • Adaptable plans with grocery list and substitution list
  • Sinks with MyFitnessPal so your trainer can track your nutrition
  • Your trainer at your finger tips- all day long

This online 60 day challenge is for everybody! The busy mom with limited time to workout, the professional who needs on-the-go meals for long meetings or continuous travel, the college students struggling with study stress and time management, and even the 40+ women who need help adapting to their changing hormones and aging bodies.  These programs are designed specific to your goals and individual needs!

You won’t find this individualized attention anywhere else!

The new training system is amazing! It is so helpful to have the exercise videos easily accessible and a timer for each exercise. The exercise plans and diet are easy to follow. My great coach offers continued support along the way! –Tammy