Taylor Roberts

Taylor Roberts

Personal Trainer

Taylor is finishing her bachelors degree of health sciences and minor in exercise science. She is NASM certified, a TwinFitness nutrition coach, is cardio barre certified, and is BLS certified. She received honor in college for 4.0 all years. She has run many spartan obstacle courses over the country and is currently training for a triathlon.

What do you do at TwinFitness?

At TwinFitness I am a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and marketing representative.

What influenced you to become a trainer?

What influenced me to become a trainer was my passion for living a healthy life and passion for motivating others to take on a healthy life style. I love seeing people happy with their results of a healthy lifestyle and helping them get there. Listening to people has always been a skill of mine so it’s easy for me to individualize plans for my clients. I’ve always thrived on positivity and loved the environment personal training has to offer.

What special elements, skills, or talents do you bring to TwinFitness clients?

I bring listening skills, good communication skills, customer service, dedication to bettering the health of others, a fun and energetic experiences to TwinFitness.

Why do you enjoy working at TwinFitness?

I enjoy working at twin fitness because of the wonderful work environment and team work aspect every trainer has. There is always someone there to have your back and everyone is always willing to help out. Not only is the staff friendly, but the clients are wonderful to work with!

What is your most important accomplishment?

My most important accomplishment at the end of the day is knowing I’ve done my best in bettering the lives of those around me.

Where were you born and raised?

Overland Park, KS

What is the best way to stay motivated and complete goals?

The best way to stay motivated and complete goals is to have the best attitude you can about things, live a healthy lifestyle of exercise and good food, and surround yourself with good people who want you to chase your goals and encourage your ambition.

Taylor Roberts

I love helping our clients achieve the goals that they set out to reach and the transformations that they go through.