An Amazing Transformation

An Amazing Transformation

By: Tanya Burk

Meet Heather! Heather has struggled with her weight for most of her life, but the last 20 years she has been 100 pounds, or more, overweight. She has suffered from multiple eating disorders. Through all of this, Heather believed she was living and maintaining; but, she struggled to climb the stairs, tie her shoes, and even get out of bed. She never imagined life could be any different. The day everything changed for her was the day she sat down on the toilet, and the seat broke underneath her as it couldn’t bear her weight. She sat there and cried, and realized she had to do something. She asked for help from her doctor, and made a decision to change her life. She started working out and eating clean. It was hard to workout at first because she wasn’t even able to do some of the exercises. She fell, cried, and might have even said a few bad words under her breath, but she admits, it was all worth it!

Heather describes herself as a competitive person. She needed something to keep her going and motivate her. Doing an NPC show by competing was the next step for her to improve herself. She looked at a lot of places to train for the show. She felt TwinFitness was her best option. It started with Kristie being fantastic on the phone! She explained everything that would be involved in the process. She answered every question Heather had, and spent ample time on the phone with her. Heather trained with Alex in the beginning. She reminded her every time she came into the studio that consistency was going to be her key to success, and that she was doing great! She also kept reminding Heather how far she had come and how hard she had worked. When it came time to prepare for the show, Heather switched to working with an Elite Coaching Coach, Amy. Heather admits that she struggled as it got closer to the show. She had moments of being “stuck in her big girl head”, but Amy talked candidly with her. Heather felt like Amy understood her. Just having Amy there to listen to her and talk her through the process helped a lot. Amy reminded Heather often of why she was doing the show and how to improve on herself. “I can’t fullsizerenderdescribe how grateful I am to Amy for taking those few moments every week to answer my questions, give encouragement, and remind me that this was for me.”


Heather says this journey was hard work but an outward sign of an inward transformation. “Finding out why you want this, and how your internal dialogue will support you or defeat you, is the biggest part of the journey. Remember – you are worth it! You always have been. You just need to find your worth inside you, so you can show it on the outside.” The hardest part for Heather has been getting out of her own head. She said that when you have been a big girl for a long time, you tend to still think like a big girl, even though you aren’t anymore. You still see the world through big girl eyes.

Heather says prayer is the secret to her success. On the days she wanted to quit and eat chocolate she would instead remember that God gave her a body for a lifetime and that she should show him how thankful she is for it. Her motto is the scripture “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil. 4:13) Her favorite part of the journey was the day she walked on stage with her coach, Amy, right beside her. Amy did the NPC show with her! “I could never tell you how much that meant to me. It added to that amazing day!”