Elite Coaching

Bikini & Figure Show Preparation

Congratulations! You are amongst the small population in the world that train to compete in competitions. This journey is exciting. We welcome you to the Twin Fitness family and we are here to help you reach all your health goals.

Please read through this information and refer to it often. The guidelines are broken down into your cardio, strength, and nutritional development plans. Many of our competitors read through it weekly and learn or are reminded about things, plus it helps in getting organized and re-motivated.

Take one day at a time. Remember it will be overwhelming at first but hang in there, it will get easier and you WILL see results, which is motivation in itself. If you are NOT having the results you want, go back and re-evaluate what you are doing. Can you push yourself a little harder during cardio? Are you adding bites here and there or substituting food? “You cannot out exercise a bad diet! Nutrition is often the missing piece.” – Michelle Hutton

We believe in you! Put your mind to it and anything can be accomplished. If you have questions or concerns, email or use our group text. There are no silly questions! We do not know how we can help if you do not ask.

Remember: consistency over time!

Cardio Guidelines

Your cardio is designed by your coach to shape your body. Not only is your program designed to get you looking your absolute best, but it is also unique, to fit your goals & needs! Your coach will tweak your cardio depending on your weekly progress photos & results. Our programming is not a “one size fits all” plan. The training should be high intensity (i.e. labored breathing, not able to carry on conversations) throughout specific intervals and at other times it may be low intensity lunging, Jane Fonda’s etc. We have found through time tested results this is the best way to get that tight toned look! You will start to notice improved glute-hamstring tie ins & a round tight booty.


  • All side squats, lunges etc should be performed in the HEEL (Use the handrail on the treadmill so you can really lift the ball of your foot out of the motion). As you you lift the ball of your foot you will start to take the movement out of the quad
  • Make it challenging!
  • On the step mill and arc trainer sit WAY back into your heels so you really feel it in your glutes! Hold onto the hand rails to really sit back.
  • If plyos are incorporated into your plan hold onto a Smith Machine bar or TRX so you can really sit back without falling over. Pop through those heels so you pop that booty!
  • If you have ANY restrictions please complete to your own limits.
  • If you are a beginner or have not been physically active in over 6 months, please exercise at your own risk and do not exceed your personal limitations. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.​

Strength Training Guidelines

Strength training is a large component of your results; it is just as important if not more important than cardio. The only way to build muscle is through resistance training, and the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. TwinFitness recommends 3-5 days/week of strength training at 45-60 minutes. Be sure you are challenging yourself during your strength training workouts. If you are not struggling during the last 3 reps of your set you are not lifting/working hard enough! On a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely difficult) you should be working at 7/8 by end of your set.

Your workouts are designed to be completed within 45-60 minutes. After 60 minutes, stop. If you are unable to complete your workout within the 45-60 minute timeframe, try to reduce your rests and move through your exercises quicker.

The purpose of strength training is to make you stronger and to shape and tone your body. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind…

​​Squats, Lunges, and Deadlifts

  • ​Push through your heels to target your glute med and glute max. ​Glutes and hamstrings are the key to doing well at a competition.​
  • Make sure your knees are aligned over your second toe​​.
  • ​Keep a neutral spine! Do not arch or tuck your hips too far in either direction. Keep your rib cage neutral as well.


Our nutritional focus is what makes TwinFitness special. Why is TwinFitness nutrition different? We consider genetics, hormones, inflamation, and lifestyle into the big picture that is your nutritional plan. Our insulin-controlled nutrition regulates hormones and reduces inflammation. Science is the cornerstone of our approach, Pubmed is our middle name.

TwinFitness Nutritional Guidelines​​

​​As we mentioned earlier, nutrition is essential when preparing and competing. Food is fuel, especially as competitors get closer to shows. If you truly want success, the nutritional guidelines are paramount to that success. At first you may feel like it is a lot of food…eat all of it! Eating smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day aids in speeding up your metabolism and it works! As you get closer to your competition, your nutrition will become stricter. Continue to follow the plan exactly as written, NO substitutions, NO additions, and NO subtractions (or Bites, Licks, or Tastes…BLTs). This will work you–trust us!

Food Preparation

  • Prepare all food one week in advance and portion it out into containers. Freeze the 2nd half of the week in plastic baggies.
  • Weigh/measure food dry (i.e. gluten free oatmeal); meats are measured cooked.
  • All meat should be grass fed and 80% lean.
  • Use food that is fresh or frozen and not canned.
  • Approved spices and seasoning: sea salt, pepper, stevia, Splenda, cinnamon, and black coffee–1 cup per day with 1 tbsp. whole creamer (NO Lattes.)
  • Getting bored with your food… fix it a different way, stir fry, bake it in the oven, grill it or add a twist!


  • Timing of your meals is very important. You need to eat every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism going. For example, 6am Breakfast, 9am Snack, 12pm Lunch, etc.
  • Drink 84-110 oz. of WATER per day. No crystal light or diet soda.
  • Purchase a lunch box, soft side cooler, and a pill box so you can always be prepared!
  • You are allowed one planned cheat meal per week. This is actually good for you and your body. Many competitors choose the same day every week and often see better workouts the day after. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD! One bad day can set you back three days…remind yourself about your goal of competing.

The following are your allowed cheat meals:

  • Option #1: 2 slices of pizza (gluten free) with a side salad full fat dressing
  • Option #2: Bacon Cheese burger (NO bun), veggies and a salad with full fat dressing.
  • Option #3: 6oz to 8oz steak with veggies with butter!
    Note: 1 glass of wine with your cheat meal is acceptable.​


Register for Online Group Posing Sessions here:

** Posing Classes can be found on the SOUTH Small Group Class Calendar


To sign up for an Elite Coaching Online Group Posing Class, follow the directions provided here:

  1. Visit twinfitness.com
  2. Hover over “Competition Training”
  3. Click on “Small Group Classes”
  4. Locate the Online Posing Class you’d like schedule
  5. >> Click “Sign Up”
  6. You’ll be prompted to Check-Out:
    1. Confirm the date/time of the class.
    2. >> Click “Next”
    3. Sign into your MindBody account or click “Create Account” to register.
    4. Purchase ‘8 Elite Coaching Posing Sessions’ (online group sessions are $35/session)
    5. Proceed through check-out process.
    6. ** If you already have Posing Sessions remaining from a previous purchase, you will skip the checkout process and simply book the class.
  7. Schedule your posing sessions in advance
  8. Take note of each class you sign up for & put them in your calendar so you don’t forget!

Online Group Posing Sessions will be limited to just 4 TwinGems per session. It’s very important to schedule out the maximum amount of classes in advance to ensure you get access to sessions.

Cancelation Policy

If you cannot attend an Online Group Posing Class on your schedule, you must cancel 24 hours in advance by signing into your MindBody account and removing the class from your schedule. If you “no-show” for a session or do not cancel with 24hr notice, you will still be charged for the session.

You can login to your MindBody account from www.TwinFitness.com by clicking the link in the top right-hand corner of the screen, reading “Login | Register” in grey text (between the social media icons & the TwinFitness phone number).

One-On-One Posing Sessions

If you are interested in one-on-one posing sessions, please contact your coach directly.

We’ll see you online!

Please come to your online group sessions prepared to get the most out of your time! Be wearing your Elite Coaching Practice Suit and your competition heels (or the highest heels you own).

Bikini Posing Footwork

Figure Quarter Turns (Backward Step)

Figure Quarte​​r Turns (Forward Step)

Bikini/Fi​​gure Model Walk


Glam Squad

Glam Squad is gearing up, sharpening the eyeliners and warming up the curling irons to get you all glammed up, TwinFitness style. We are unique because we not only hang backstage with competitors, we’ll continue to reapply makeup, fluff hair, gloss lips, glue suits, glaze, buckle heels, and touch up manicures the entire day, from 4:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night!!​

Rest assured, competitors will receive the royal treatment when it comes to show day. Each competitor is scheduled for an individual makeup appointment and hair appointment the morning of the show. Glam Squad makeup appointments consists of applying theatrical-style (DARK) makeup to match competitor’s spray tans and to contour appropriately for stage lighting. Glam Squad artists will also supply and apply false eyelashes. In addition, competitors benefit from all-day backstage makeup touch-ups.

Glam Squad hair appointments involve applying hair extensions and curling, blending, and shaping hair for the ultimate runway look. Competitors benefit from all-day backstage hair touch-ups.

Glam Squad is included this year in our 2018 team fee!


Recommended Hair Colors


Blonde: Levels 8-10

Brunette: Levels 1-3

Red: Red/red violet tones; avoid warm copper tones


TwinFitness competitors are required* to wear hair extensions on stage. Extensions should be either 18″ or 20″ 100% real human Remy hair, and it is recommended you visit your hair stylist to have the extensions cut to blend with your hair.

*Competitors with pixie cuts are not required to have hair extensions.

Recommended extensions:

Pro Extensions

-20 inch clip in Remy (standard)
**someone with hair shorter than their shoulders naturally should order 14 in, (in my opinion)
-20 inch clip in Remy (premium)
**same for someone with hair shorter than shoulder length!

Difference in Standard and Premium is the thickness of each weft. Competitors with naturally thick hair should order the Premium.

Euronext 18″ Clip-In Extensions

Premium Remy Hair is of the highest grade human hair extensions available. Extra attention and care is exercised during the entire manufacturing process. This attention during manufacturing promotes alignment of the hair cuticles, which greatly reduces tangles and mimics natural hair flow. Premium Remy Hair ensures a better human hair extension experience.

Set consists of eight pieces with clips and two test wefts without clips: One 8” weft, One 7” weft, One 6” weft, One 5-3/4” weft, Four 1-1/2” wefts, and Two 1” wefts without clips to test for color.

TwinFitness Extension Rental

​​We keep blonde and brunette hair extensions in stock for rental. Please let your coach know if you need to reserve a set for your competition.

Rental: $45​ per show

Competition Make-up


False Eyelashes & Glue

Ardell Double Up #205 False Eye Lashes

DUO Striplash Adhesive in Clear or Black


Squeeze glue out onto a disposable tray. Dip a Q-tip into the glue and gently apply the glue along the strip lash. DO NOT squeeze glue directly onto lash! Wait 30 seconds for lash glue to become tacky and then carefully apply the lash to the upper eye lid with tweezers by pressing first in the center, then the inner eye, and finally the outer eye.

Face Primer

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Skin


NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer, Clear

Use fingers to work evenly into skin focusing on the under-eyes, the eye lids, and the cheeks and forehead.

Liquid Foundation

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Foundation, NC45 & NW45 (must be blended)


Revlon ColorStay Foundation, Mahogany 440

After prepping skin with moisturizer and primer, use a damp foam wedge and work foundation into the skin making sure to push foundation into the hairline, down the neck, and over the ears.


MAC Cosmetics Select Moisturecover, NW 30


Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Makeup, Caramel 190

Dab under eyes, between brows, down the nose, and above the upper lip and below the lower lip. Work into skin with a blending brush or damp sponge.

Face Powder

MAC Cosmetics Studio FIX Powder Plus Foundation, NC 45


Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder, Dark 060

Using a power brush, apply evenly over face, neck, ears, and into hairline.

Eye Shadow

URBAN DECAY Naked Basics


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Waterproof Filler, Soft Brown (Blondes) or Dark Brown (Brunettes)


NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Blonde (Blondes) or Dark Brown (Brunettes)

Outline the top of the brow with the lightest color and curve upward to create arch. Outline the bottom with the same lighter color and create arch by lifting upwards. Fill in the brows with the darkest color. Then use the lighter color and fill in the area closest to the nose. Blend evenly. Finally apply wax for a finishing look.


MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush in Peony Petal


NYX Baked Blush Illuminator Bronzer in Statement Red

Using a blush brush, work blush into skin along the cheek bone from the hairline to the apple.

Lip Stick

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary


NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red (MLS10)

Apply color

Posing Shoes



Most comfortable shoe, great tread, and good arch support. Shoes are true to size. Posing game changer!

Use code: TWINFIT20 to receive 20% off


Ellie Brook Platform Sandal

Most comfortable shoe, great tread, and good arch support. Shoes are true to size but work better on wider feet. Posing game changer!
Use code: TWINFIT20 to receive 20% off


Fabulicious Elegant 408 Dress Sandal

This posing shoe has too much platform…which makes competitors legs look thick.



Most comfortable shoe, great tread, and good arch support. Shoes are true to size but work better on wider feet. Posing game changer!
Use code: TWINFIT20 to receive 20% off


Ellie Jewel Platform Sandal

Less expensive shoe; however, there is little arch support and the tread can wear thin after a show or two. Shoes run large.​​


Ellie 421 Brook PLatform Sandal

This posing shoe does not have enough of a platform…which makes competitors legs look short. ​

Skin Preparation

Daily Skin-Prep Regimen

  • Exfolia​te with a Sugar or Salt Scrub (select a scrub with Shea butter or coconut oil in it for best results)
  • Wash face in shower with your favorite face wash. (Use an exfoliating face wash approx. 3 times per week)
  • Towel off and apply cellulite cream or Right & Tight gel to backs of thighs, butt and abdomen.
  • Apply moisturizer to your extremities daily
  • Keep hand cream at your desk and in your purse at all times. Your hands age fast, just like your face and neck.
  • Use a “skin type” appropriate moisturizer
  • Use Eye Cream twice a day
  • Use a neck cream twice a day (if you don’t want to purchase a neck cream, use your heaviest, thickest moisturizer). Use upward strokes when applying and cover your décolleté as well.
  • At night, use a heavier or “Night Moisturizer”. (Who cares how greasy you look going to bed. Your skin will look radiant in the morning.)
  • If you are Acne prone, you will want to apply acne medicine, allow to dry and then apply moisturizer. Moisturizers do not cause oily skin. Lack of moisturizer causes your skin to produce excess oil to heal itself.
  • Never be abrasive with your face. This causes it to produce excess oil and clogs pores. Gentle is always better. ​

One Week Before a Show

  • ​Shave EVERYTHING on Monday, Wednesday, and again on Friday
  • Continue to exfoliate your skin throughout the week
  • Continue to moisturize after each shower EXCEPT your last shower before your spray tan.

Tanning Day

  • DO NOT shower within three hours of your spray tan. Your skin needs time to dry.
  • DO NOT apply deodorant after your last shower.​
  • After your spray tan, DO NOT get wet.
  • Sleep in long sleeves and long pants. DO NOT sleep naked.
  • Use a female portable urination device to prevent pee streaks after your spray tan. You can also use Dixie cups with a hole cut in the bottom.

Helpful Skin-Prep Items:

Jan Tana

Skin Prep Exfoliant with pH Balance​

Exfoliate from the neck down. This scrub can be used daily and is especially recommended the morning of your first spray tan. The day you get your tan, you will NOT want to use a scrub that leaves coconut oil, Shea butter or any other moisturizing agents on your skin. The Jan Tana Skin Prep rinses clean.

Moonmini Scrubbing Exfoliant Gloves

​Helps to rub the outmost surface of your skin and remove the dead skin cells. This allows the spray tan to absorb more evenly and last longer.

Baking Soda

You don’t need to splurge on expensive products to get the best scrub. There’s a multitasking wonder already in your home – baking soda! Just mix into a paste in the shower and scrub away.

Facial Hair Removal

A must-have for facial hair removal. A blade never touches your skin. No special skin prep, just turn it on and remove hair on the face or anywhere else you don’t wish to shave.

It can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99, or go to Amazon.com and you’ll find several different versions just by searching “Finishing Touch”.​