Brace Yourself Now For the Post Competition Aftermath

Brace Yourself Now For the Post Competition Aftermath

I fear repeating myself from previous blogs with this post. I have talked a lot about what to do after a competition in past blogs. It seems like no matter how much I talk about it though, there are girls who struggle after doing a show.  Our first EC sanctioned show is happening next month. NOW is the time for you to get mentally prepared about how you will handle yourself after the show.

This is a trend I see: Girls restrict themselves from desired food while prepping for a show.  After the show they go out, celebrate, and indulge in food they have restricted themselves from – totally understandable.  The next morning they go out and enjoy another “treat” breakfast to top off the celebration.  Then, lunch rolls around and, why not? This pattern turns into a couple days of rewards, the next couple of days turn into a week, and before you know it you are back where you started.  I’ve never met anyone who wants to gain back all of the body fat they lost prepping for a show.  Girls have to know they are not going to stay as lean as they were while on stage year round, but they can learn to live a lean lifestyle where they stay 5-10 pounds from their competition weight. How do you do this?

One way to keep yourself lean is by doing  more than one show a year.  We have sanctioned 4 shows this year.  There are several other shows offered by the NPC in addition to the ones we have sanctioned as a team. Doing multiple shows helps keep you motivated to stay on track and not sway off course for too long.

What if there isn’t another show that you can do right away, or what if it’s the last show of the season? Here’s my recommendation: After your show, go ahead and treat yourself that night OR the next morning (not both).  Then, get right back on plan immediately following the treat!  If not, you run the risk of letting your celebration go too long and reversing everything you worked so hard for! (This is one reason I am a big advocate for weekly treat meals.  I believe that it does something for people mentally when they know that they are not totally restricting themselves forever.  They have one meal a week where they can eat those things they love, that they have been restricting themselves from.)

So to reiterate, after the show have a treat meal that night OR the next morning, get back on plan immediately after the treat, and look forward to another treat meal that next weekend.  This is the best way to control your eating and live the lean lifestyle. You control your eating, do not let it control you. I also want to add that right after you have competed in a show is NOT the time to leave your team. You need your teammates and your coach more than ever at this time. They help keep you on track and guide you on how to learn to live lean without a show coming up in the near future. Everyone has the best intentions of living a lean lifestyle on their own without the support of a team or coach, but I have seen girls fail at this so many times. The best intentions really are harder to live out in this area than you might think when you are a competitor.  Trust me on this one, stay with your team and coach – you’ll thank me!  Your coach will change up your plan after your show according to your goals and needs.

You’ve seen people who gain more than our 5-10 pound recommendation between shows.  Some of these people believe the philosophy that they are bulking to add muscle.  They put on extra weight and then lean down before the next show hoping to lose the extra fat they have gained while “endeavoring to gain muscle”. Our Elite Coaching team does not believe in this philosophy. The problems with this method are: competitors lose muscle along with the fat when they endeavor to lean down again, they have to work harder instead of smarter using this process, and the method is hard on their bodies. Honestly – what female wants to do this, anyway?

There are some competitors that put on the extra weight between shows simply because they do not get back on track right away. They allow the celebration to last too long after the show. This not only makes it harder to get back on track, but it sets up an unhealthy environment and behavior patterns that, at worse, can lead to disordered eating.

So – with our first sanctioned show coming up, NOW is the time for you to start envisioning how you are going to respond when the show is over.  It’s easy to say that you are going to stay on track, but doing it is an altogether different deal.  Start envisioning yourself staying on plan, being disciplined after the show, living lean, and staying in contact with your coach so she can help you. You can do this. The Elite Coaching coaches are here to help you. We love seeing girls be successful on stage. More importantly, we love helping our competitors be successful after the lights go down and they are off stage, living their everyday lives!

By: Tanya Burk