Why Can’t I Get a Flat Tummy?

Why Can’t I Get a Flat Tummy?

I’ll never forget it! I was 33 at the time. I told my husband that I thought something must be dreadfully wrong with me. I thought for sure I had a gigantic cyst on my ovaries or a tumor in my belly. My tummy had never protruded the way it was; something had to be wrong! My hubby smiled at me and reminded me I was now over 30 (he’s lucky I didn’t hit him); then, he asked me how often I was doing cardio. Whamoo! I had never really had to do much cardio to look the way I wanted. I went to the doctor, and everything was fine; so, I decided to start doing regular cardio and see what happened. I hate it when my husband is right. Running 3-4 times a week really helped my swollen tummy shrink!

Then, a few years later, the cardio didn’t seem to be working as well any more. I started doing more cardio, but one effect of excessive cardio is increased inflammation. This causes havoc on the body. What was I going to do? More abs! Surely that had to be the answer! I decided I would do Abs of Steel every day; surely then, my tummy would behold a 6 pack to be envied! Well, the problem with that solution was my waist line started enlarging! Although a strong core is essential to most aspects of life and fitness, excessive abdominal workouts strengthen the ab muscles – and they grow! I wanted a flat stomach, but the extra ab sessions were actually making my waist bigger because my muscles were growing! I later discovered that one to two abdominal workouts a week are sufficient for a strong core.

The next stop in my flat tummy journey happened when I joined TwinFitness as a client. I hooked up with IFBB Pro Kristie Trasey Winter as my trainer. She informed me the piece I was missing to flatten my tummy was what I was putting in my mouth. You’ve heard that abs are made in the kitchen, right? So true! She kept me on my original 3-4 times a week cardio regimen, she never had me do more than 1-2 days a week of core training (and it was different core training than I was used to, I might add), and she set me up on a nutrition plan that did indeed flatten my tummy! Eating fewer carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, right away depleted a bloat in my midsection. She also added in more healthy fats to my nutritional program. I was scared to death to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, but in the whole scheme of the program she had me on – it worked! I had more energy, I wasn’t as hungry, and my waist measurements were going down!

Since becoming an Elite Coaching Training Coach myself and joining TwinFitness on staff, I have encountered another issue with my tummy. I started noticing when I hit forty that even though I was still doing the things above, my tummy was starting to protrude a little again. I was perplexed! I did research and testing that indicated I was becoming

insulin resistant. Too much insulin shunts fat into the peripheral tissues of the body, where it accumulates around the waist! I wondered how in the world I could be insulin resistant while eating low-carb. I also started feeling anxious around this same time. Further investigation made apparent that my cortisol levels were rising. The way I was handling my stress was causing my cortisol to rise. Eating is not the only way to become insulin resistant; stress can do it too – along with aging! Putting two and two together through research and the expertise of my TwinFitness family, I started to see how the excessive insulin and the cortisol were working together in my body to create a protruding tummy – again! Stress management was one area I changed. I also started supplementation of Cortisolve from TwinFitness. These two new features in my life helped lower my cortisol and block the cortisol receptors in my tummy so that fat would not be so readily stored there. All of this worked together to lower my insulin levels and shrink my tummy!

If you are having trouble getting your tummy flat any of these tweaks in your daily routine might help you. Everyone is different though, and you need to work with a trained professional that knows how the female body works to help you figure out what is really going on in your body. At TwinFitness our trainers work with you to empower and educate you to create the healthiest, best looking body you desire. Can you have a flat tummy, even at 40? Yes, you can! I have ladies tell me it’s just not possible after kids. It is though! I am living proof along with many other women I know who have been proactive in finding out what is really causing the problem in their body. You can have a flat tummy – it really comes down to figuring out what is going on and continual examination of your body based on how it continues to change. Let us help you at TwinFitness enjoy the health and benefits of a great looking body!

BONUS: If you struggle with an increasing waistline or you know your body is insulin resistance, read this interesting article from the Journal of Obesity that explains how high intensity intermittent exercise training (many times called high intensity interval training or HITT) can help you! At TwinFitness we incorporate this type of training into most of our client’s regimens! Enjoy:  Click Here!