Competing in an NPC Show Might be Just What you Need

Competing in an NPC Show Might be Just What you Need

I recently decided to compete in an upcoming NPC show. It’s been a year since I have competed, and at my age if you don’t stay on top of the game, getting ready for a competition isn’t a walk in the park, ha! Every person who competes has a different driving force, or reason, why they choose to push themselves in such as way. In fact, you push yourself to your very max, and then get up on stage to allow both your hard work, and your compromises, to be obvious to all! Why would anyone do that?! Ha! It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s just for those few uncommon ones. And why do we choose to be uncommon in this way? The reasons are different for everyone, and every time I have competed the reasons have been different. This time is different than the last. I want to share with you just a few of my reasons why I have decided to compete this fall. Maybe some will resonate with you, and you might find that competing could be something that could be beneficial to you as well.

Number one – I work from home. A lot of people dream of working from home, and I am so blessed to be able to have this flexibility in my everyday life; however, one drawback (for me) of working from home is I am a people person. I love being with people. I have three teenage daughters, and although they can sometimes drive me crazy ;), I go through a little funk when they all go back to school in the fall. I live in the country, so when everyone leaves during the day I miss people. This fall my oldest is moving away to college, so that is going to make the fall transition even harder. The act of prepping for a show is something that I can pour my attention into that is fun, positive, and will keep my mind focused on a goal that is different than my everyday work and responsibilities. The Elite Coaching Team really bonds when prepping for a show – so, that connection with people (although not face to face) will help fill the void of people with me throughout the day. The thought of the fun weekend at the show and the camaraderie there, is a great motivation to keep me positive as well. Although my struggle in the fall is more of a funk than a full on bout of depression, I believe prepping for a show can be a positive force in a life that is struggling in that type of area too. It is something positive that you can do for you, and use it as a positive aspect of life to help get you through any situation.

Number two – I want to be in better shape. Yes, I am in shape now. BUT – I want to be in better shape. I am 41, and each year looking the way I want to look when I go on vacation with my husband takes a little more work – so not fair. I used to be a 20 to early 30 something that could eat pretty much what I wanted and slip on a bathing suit, hit the beach, and feel pretty confident. No so anymore! Living a lean lifestyle keeps me fit, but the act of competing pushes me to look the best I can look. That is something I want not only for me, but for my husband as well! I appreciate the mental and emotional discipline about it too. In our world of instant gratification the act of practicing a stricter form of discipline for a while keeps me appreciative, organized, and oddly enough, mentally sharper in all aspects of life.

Number three – It keeps me fresh in the field. It’s one thing to coach you ladies at a show, but it’s an entirely different thing to compete myself. Although I have competed several times, it’s like most things in life – the less you practice it, the less you know it. I speak Spanish, but I don’t use it as much as I used to. Now, because of my lack of usage and practice, I don’t know the language nearly as well. As a coach in this ever changing world of the fitness industry, I want to stay fresh and knowledgeable. One of the many ways I can do that is by competing myself. You may want to stay fresh in the area of health and fitness. You may not be a coach, but competing will teach you about nutrition and exercise in a way that will benefit your life long after the competition. You have to do it though – reading about isn’t good enough. You have to practice it by actually living it, to really learn it.

I am excited to do a show with the team I coach this fall. It will be so much fun to be on stage with the girls I cheer on each day! Some of my main reasons for competing are what I shared in this post. I learned a long  time ago that competing (for me) cannot be about results or placements – it has to be about the process and how it benefits my life and those around me. I’m excited to start the process. I hope to see you all at our last team sanctioned show of the year – the All Star Championships in Kansas City in October! We always have a blast at our shows! If you are thinking about competing, or are already actively competing and want a fun, encouraging team, you should check out our Elite Coaching Team. We have the most fun, eat the best prep food, and get pushed the hardest as any team you will find! Check us out today at – go to competition training.

By: Tanya Burk