Competition Training: What is Peak Week?

Competition Training: What is Peak Week?

Have you heard the term “peak week” on social media or thrown around in the fitness industry somewhere and wondered what all the fuss was about….well, here is the scoop! Peak Week is the week leading up to a fitness competition. Different teams handle peak week, or final week prep, differently. Here is a little glance into the life of a competitor on the Elite Coaching Team during peak week.

At TwinFitness we believe each of our Elite Coaching TwinGems (our term of affection for our girls who compete) is unique. Each one has a different body with different needs, so to start off the final week prep we increase communication with coaches.  Instead of doing weekly check ins that include pictures, body weight and measurements, we increase check ins to every other day the final week before a show. This enables coaches to have tons of interaction with each individual competitor and stay on top of how she is changing throughout the week.

You may have heard horror stories from people who have competed before describing severe water depletion and dehydration at competitions. Some of our girls do a SLIGHT water depletion regimen at the end of the week, but not all need to.  The girls who do the slight water depletion are recommended a mild, natural diuretic called Dialed In.  These competitors drink extra water the first part of show week as well. It is safe process, not harsh, but effective! (Order your Dialed In at We do not promote severe water depletion with our competitors.  We do not think it is safe, and therefore we do not practice it.

Our girls’ nutrition plans usually stay the same with no major changes the last week. Most girls’ plans even stay the same on show day! The workouts may vary some this particular week, but usually they are very similar to what they have already been doing!

What’s all the fuss about this peak week thing, then? Well, it can be a stressful week for competitors.  Everything they have worked for is coming to a climax. It is called “peak” week because competitors hope to hit their peak, or the best they have looked, by show day. The competitors we train are taught a lifestyle. This lifestyle encourages them and teaches them to stay 5-10 pounds from the show day look we want them to have on stage. Our competitors typically don’t have as much peak week changes as some other competitors.  It is our philosophy, and the everyday fitness lifestyle we teach, that makes peak week easier for our girls. The week is slightly different, but not extremely different.

The fun part of peak week is girls get to get glammed up and shine! Usually our girls choose to get manis and pedis. They look forward to their tans, getting their hair and makeup done by our Glam Squad, and being treated as queens the day of the show. We pride ourselves in serving our competitors and making it all about them on show day! It is the culmination of everything they have been working so hard for! They deserve to be pampered and we love doing it!

To sum things up, what peak week is really all about is ultimately up to each competitor. It can be a great week where the competitor enjoys the success of everything she has worked for. She can embrace the process of getting on stage as a queen, and relish the opportunity to show off her accomplishments. Of course, a competitor can always choose to look at the final week of prep as the last long haul before the end of a race. She can look at it negatively if she chooses to. It is a choice. We foster an atmosphere of positivity at TwinFitness. The work competitors put in is hard, no doubt. The reward is great though, and each competitor is blessed to have the opportunity to compete. We feel very privileged to be able to pamper our competitors during show week.  That is how we look at it on the Elite Coaching Team – peak week is a positive week full of excitement and success! If you want that same positive experience in your prep, contact us today at  

By: Tanya Burk