Consistency Over Time

Consistency over time

consistencyThis is one of our favorite sayings…”consistency over time”. When it comes to creating a lifestyle and losing weight/feeling better, it takes both effort and time! Think back to when you noticed a weight gain, drop in energy, or more visible cellulite. When you finally noticed—it didn’t happen over night! When it comes to creating a new lifestyle/habit it takes weeks of being consistent.


Things to help you through your journey:

  1. Write down your goals. Put them somewhere you will see them daily! Start with your top 3. When you have gone 7 days straight accomplishing those goals, add another one.
  2. Focus on being consistent. No one is perfect! You will mess up from time to time… we all do! The most important part is that you start over and don’t stay lost with your goals for more than those few weak moments. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being excellent at what you are trying to accomplish!
  3. Have support by family and others. Please remember support from family means they care about your success. Don’t expect them to not eat something in front of you that you shouldn’t have. Remember they might not have the same goals in mind. And until THEY decide that they want to start living healthy, don’t expect a lot of support from them about what you are eating. Remember what goals you have and focus on the positive. We have been living a healthy lifestyle for over 17 years and we still have food in the house that doesn’t always support a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be that person that makes the whole family change over night. My best advice is to gradually add better options. To your food pantry. For example, start cooking different thing at dinner (try our fat burning cookbook for options), pack your kids school lunch and add a healthy “fat adapted” food, educated your family and friends slowly to your new lifestyle. Give them time.

Just remember through this new lifestyle, be consistent with your goals, your family, and being excellent! We promise you will succeed if you follow our number one rule…consistency over time!