Dos and Don’ts for Summer Fitness Fun!

Dos and Don’ts for Summer Fitness Fun!

By: Tanya Burk

DO – stay hydrated this summer! Many times you can become dehydrated and not even realize it! Take a drink of water every 10-15 minutes while in the sun. Make sure to drink extra water before entering the sun and after exercising. Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, dampened mood, and headaches. Severe dehydration can be life threatening. Making a conscious effort to drink extra water during the summer months will enable you to stay on top of the hydration game and enhance your summer fitness experience.

DON’T – substitute a sports drink or even tea in place of water to stay hydrated. Most sports drinks contain a lot of sugar which involves extra calories. Some do not have calories because they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which is not an optimal choice either. Tea can be a great treat on a hot day, but the caffeine has a dehydrating effect. If you choose to enjoy a tea make sure to drink an extra glass of water for every glass of tea you consume. Try adding our Rectify BCAA’s in your water for flavor! As an extra bonus the amino acids in Rectify shield your muscles from breakdown helping you keep your lean look this summer!

DO – continue supplementing with vitamin D. Many people make the mistake of not taking vitamin D in the summertime months. In order for our bodies to make the optimal amount of vitamin D we need to be in the sun without sunscreen, with arms and legs bare, for at least 20 minutes most days during peak times of maximum sun. Most people are unable to do this.

DON’T – take a chance when it comes to overheating. If you plan to exercise outdoors check the weather forecast to find out if there will be heat advisories in effect. If you have to change your workout time, make the effort to get up earlier or cancel an evening social to get outside while the sun isn’t so intense, and the heat isn’t so harsh. You may have to take your workout indoors. If you start to feel weak, lightheaded, dizzy, nauseated, muscle cramping, notice paling of your skin, or rapid heartbeat you need to get indoors and cool off immediately.

DO – wear loose fitting, light colored clothing. The summer months are not the time to wear your tightest fitting tank tops or your cute spandex shorts. You skin needs all the help it can get cooling off. Tight clothing can hinder skin from getting the air it needs. In the summer choose loose fitting clothing that will enable your skin to “breathe”. Cotton is one of the worse fabrics to wear in the heat because it soaks up sweat like a towel which can cause body temperature to increase. Dark colors absorb heat, so choose light colored clothes.

DON’T – jump right into outdoor exercising if you haven’t given your body the chance to get acclimated to it. Ease into it and be okay with shorter, less intense exercise sessions outdoors until your body gets used to it. Beware of humidity too. It prevents sweat from evaporating off your skin and cooling your body. Perspiration is our body’s way of cooling off. As sweat evaporates, our body releases heat. Also, when you get extremely hot, sweat doesn’t evaporate. The body then has to work extra hard to keep its temperature down. This leads to a high body temperature and heat-related illness.