Elite Coaching: A letter from your coaches

Elite Coaching: A letter from your coaches

It’s time to celebrate! That’s right! The Elite Coaches want to help you celebrate YOUR successes! All too often in fitness pursuits the emphasis is put on improvement. We love helping you improve; however, along the journey we don’t want the focus to get too tunneled in on that continued improvement. As important as your future improvement is, we believe your current and past improvements should be equally considered!

We want you to take this week and begin a new habit. We urge you to start loving your body more by celebrating successes on the way to your ultimate goal. It’s easy to get disappointed when you don’t reach a certain goal, especially when you’ve worked hard. Even if a specific milestone is not reached, the journey has no doubt created other positive outcomes! For example, even if you don’t hit your goal weight you may have lost inches or body fat in the process! You may not fit into that pair of jeans yet, but your workouts are easier and you may have more energy throughout the day!

Starting today, create a new practice of celebrating these successes! Appreciate those successes and be grateful for the progress! This act of gratitude and loving your hard working body will create positive momentum for your journey! Remember, long before you lose weight other signs of progress are happening! Here are just a few aspects you might consider, and choose to celebrate today:

You are not hungry all of the time anymore

You sleep better at night
Your clothes fit better (maybe even tighter in all the right places)
You’re able to concentrate better
You are a happier person
You have more endurance for your workouts – you’re in better cardiovascular shape
You’re muscles aren’t so sore all of the time

You have created a new healthy lifestyle instead of a yo-yo dieting pattern

We suggest you journal these successes. Tell your coach about these positives or someone else you can trust with your journey. Celebrating these small wins is a powerful way to love yourself forward to future successes!

Happy Training!
Michelle, Kristie, K-Rae, Amy, Tanya & Sierra