Elite Coaching Nurture-December 2016

Elite Coaching Nurture-December 2016

Happy Holidays! We hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends last month! We have high hopes that as the holiday season continues and the New Year approaches, it will be your best ever! We know that you are greatly anticipating making new goals and achieving your best in 2017, and we are here to help! As part of the Elite Coaching Team, you have that drive about you that always strives to achieve more. As your coaches we are proud of your passion to improve, and we want to help you foster it as you start to put your plans into action for the upcoming year.

Here are some things we would like for you to consider as you start making those 2017 goals:

1. Have an open discussion with your coach to brainstorm together about your 2017 competition and fitness goals! Your coach knows you and your fitness habits well. Allow her to help you make S.M.A.R.T (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals for 2017. She is also the best person to help you map out your way to your future successes by putting short term goals in place.

2. Look over the list of shows that the TwinFitness Elite Coaching team has sanctioned for 2017, and consider which ones might work for you. Pull out your calendar and look over your upcoming plans for 2017. Do you have a wedding, vacation, or some other major family or work event scheduled? If you know an event is on the horizon, but are not certain of a date, find out now! Make those calls and get your calendar firm. The dates of your upcoming event may not conflict with the actual show date, but they may fall in a time during your show prep that could be a potential pitfall. Discuss these events and show dates with your coach.
Dates of the NPC Shows Sanctioned by Elite Coaching
Midway USA – Wichita, KS. May 13th
Muscle Mayhem – Overland Park, KS. June 10th
Missouri State Championships – Springfield, Mo. July 15th
All-Star Championships – Overland Park, KS. October 28th

3. Pick your dates to compete! Once you and your coach have decided on appropriate goals specific to you, and you have determined which NPC shows work best for your schedule, you are ready to pick your competition dates! Set the dates NOW – IN INK! Mark the dates and prep times in your calendar, and set your eyes on the prize! Unless a life altering disaster happens between now and then, make a commitment to these dates and shoot for your goal with everything in you!

We believe in you! We want to help you be your best you in 2017! These considerations and steps will help you reach your goals! We are here FOR YOU!

Happy Holidays from your coaches,
Kristie, Michelle, K-Rae, Amy, Tanya, and Sierra