Elite Coaching-A Place Where Health & Wellness Are Fostered for Competitors

Elite Coaching-A Place Where Health & Wellness Are Fostered for Competitors

By: Tanya Burk

Last week was National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. I have never seen a place where more awareness needs to be shed on the subject of eating disorders than in the world of competing in the fitness industry.  I was a cheerleader in college, and it was hard to find a competitive team that didn’t have at least one, usually more, teammates that had an eating disorder.  I was also a professional cheerleader and of course, the number of girls with eating disorders were even greater there.  However – I have found the problem of eating disorders even more prevalent in the world of competing in the fitness industry.  There really are too many people that struggle with this issue, and there needs to be awareness brought out about it.

I am familiar with eating disorders; I suffered from an eating disorder for 2 years in college.   I had been healthy for almost 20 years before starting to compete in the fitness industry.  I recognized right away how the environment was perfect for competitors to develop habits that could easily escalate into a disorder. There is a popular cycle widely practiced in the industry of restricting food and binging on it after a competition.  Also, a cycle of strict restriction during competition season, and freedom that is taken advantage of during the improvement (off) season, is very common as well. These types of cycles can be damaging to the body.  They also set up the perfect environment of a binging and purging habit to grow into an addiction.  

At TwinFitness, our Elite Coaching Team is structured around health and fitness.  The last thing we want is for our competitor to fall into this trap.  We work with our athletes to create a “lean for life” method of eating that allows for 5-10 pounds of weight gain during the improvement season. We never like to see our competitors gain more than this, because it is hard for them to make a lot of improvements to their physique if they do.  It is hard on their bodies to go through such extreme gaining and losing cycles as well.  Being proactive after seeing such need, we created an improvement season program that walks our competitors through this time off stage, and sets them up for success when the competition season rolls back around.

A lot of ladies come to us interested in competing because they want to push themselves and have the look of a competitor. They want to get their bodies to the place where they are competition ready.  These girls also want to look good for life! They want to get their weight under control, and live a lifestyle of looking good and feeling good, whether on or off stage. We call this living a lean lifestyle.  We provide these services.  We go above and beyond what most teams in the industry do to help our ladies thrive year round and not fall into a cycle of binging and purging.  We offer monthly conference calls, a 24/7 group of support, easy access to a personal coach, a plethora of informational resources, a personal portal, blogs, nurture emails, live social media feeds, newsletters and more.  We do everything we can to combat the problem of eating disorders on our team.

If you are considering competing, and you want an environment that will not only get you ready for stage but walk you through life after the stage – check us out for more information.  Go to our website at TwinFitness.com and check out our competition page.  Call us at 913-648-8946. We would love to talk to you about competing – the healthy way. We would love to help you be stage ready and life ready after the stage.