Being Fat (adapted) on Vacation

Being Fat (adapted) on Vacation

Many of our clients who work with us at TwinFitness get nervous about going on vacation and gaining weight (sometimes as much as 10lbs). Eating a balanced fat-adapted diet, counting calories and choosing foods that will meet your fat, carb and protein percentages can be challenging when you are at home, and more so when you go on vacation.

<img scr=” Fat-Adapted-food-on-vacation.jpg” alt=” Photo of Kristie Winter on Vacation with her husband, Overland Park, KS, TwinFitness”> My family and I recently went to Phoenix for a vacation. I have to say that Phoenix was beautiful!  We stayed at a resort that had a refrigerator in the room but nothing else.  No stove and no microwave. Before I left for vacation I packed my food like I normally would.  Except this time (because of our new fat adapted lifestyle for eating) it took me less  than 15 minutes to prepare and pack all  my food!  I actually set a timer to see how much time it would take me.  This is what I packed: I threw in a bag of macadamia nuts, then a bag of cashews (one of my favorites), next came the little pouches of almond butter to take with me because I find they are super convenient.  I also packed my Tom Tom Turkey sticks (packed extra for my hubby) and quest bars.  And off to Phoenix we went.  I decided to “fast” every day until 12 or 1pm to make things easy on myself  (I didn’t want to have to worry about food and found it to be a lot cheaper not to eat breakfast- Please don’t try this unless you have some instruction from your TwinFitness Personal Trainer).

Taking my Fat Adapted food bag on Vacation

I carried my fat adapted food items in my “pool bag” and headed to the pool around 12 pm daily.  For lunch, I would reach into my pool bag and have two Tom Tom Turkey sticks with 1/4 c macadamia nuts. My afternoon snacks consisted of a quest bar and ¼ cup of cashews, which I also kept in my “pool bag”. By late afternoon we would hit “happy hour.” I’m not much for alcohol but was lucky enough to find some munchies that I could have.  The resort bar had smoked almonds that where amazing and that became my “happy hour” treat.

Happy Hour and Fat Adapted Vacation Snacks

By dinner time I was ready for a good fat adapted meal.  One night I had steak and veggies. The next night I had a bacon cheese burger without a bun, a side of veggies and a side salad.  I worked out two times on vacation and enjoyed using a different workout facility.  I walked outside on the trails and took in the beautiful scenery.  It was nice to see green trees, flowers and feel the warm air!  This winter in Kansas has been one of the worst!

<img scr=” FatSelfie-Kristie-.jpg” alt=” Selfie of Kristie Winter at TwinFitness, Overland Park, KS, TwinFitness”> When I got home I weighed myself. Not too surprising to me (due to my diligence and goals) I weighed the same. The surprise was that I lost 1% of my body fat while I was on vacation!  I was thrilled with my resulting success!  It was simple to pack for a fat adapted lifestyle, simple to eat meals and snacks and simple to follow my plan.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time (nor do I want to take the time) to cook and prepare food and snacks for 3-4 hours before I leave town.  This took only 15 min to “plan and prepare”!

You can find out about more about a fat-adapted way of life via  You too can take the stress out of your family vacations or anytime you travel and learn to simplify the food and eating in your life.