Getting Back To It When Your Improvement Season Was More Of An Off Season 

Getting Back To It When Your Improvement Season Was More Of An Off Season 

By: Tanya Burk

All competitors have them – lofty goals of grand improvements during the time between shows. I don’t know one competitor who ends show season and plans to start the next one out of shape and off the game. BUT – I know many who show up that way, myself included! We mean well, we really do! We are determined to work those glutes so hard no judge can ever have a negative word about them next season! And for sure – our shoulders will be so much more rounded by the time January hits, no problems! What happened?? Blame the Holidays, our “right” to have all those extra treat meals (I mean we’ve earned them, right?), and the list of excuses go on and on….

Here’s the deal. No matter where you find yourself heading into show season 2017, 2016 is gone! Yesterday is over, and today is a new day. Yes, it may be difficult at first to get yourself fully back into the game, but you CAN do it! Many clients tell me that they are utterly surprised at how hard it is to get going with their fitness regimen after the first of the year. Let me tell you – getting in shape is difficult, but getting out of shape is very easy. I don’t know why, and I agree, it is not fair at all! There is good news though! You have everything you need in you to do the thing! Here are a few tricks and tips to help you get yourself back into it:

1. Be patient with yourself! Fitness competitors are hard core, competitive people, so it’s no surprise we can be the hardest on ourselves. Once you make the commitment to fully get back on plan, give yourself a couple weeks to get back in the routine. Many times we think, “I’ve done this before – I can back easily”, and then we become shocked when our bodies don’t respond to the new demands as quickly as our mind thinks it should. Be patient. Ease your way back into the thing – yes, I know that sounds foreign. Fitness competitors do not ease into anything. It’s okay though, give yourself permission to have a few weeks of not being perfect on plan.

2. Respect your progress. If you had 3 treat meals last week and this week you made it through with only 2 – that is something to feel good about. If you got one more session of cardio in this week than you did last week, you are making progress. Instead of beating yourself up before you go to bed about where you should be and all the things you should have been doing the last few months, stop your mind from going there! Purposely think about your small progresses! Keep a journal by your bed and write down your postive progress from each day! Reviewing these will help keep your mind on the positive factors you have going on and help create momentum!

3. Stay accountable to your coach. You have to communicate your frustrations and your successes with your coach. Many competitors have a tendency to “check out” during an off time. This is the worse thing you can do. Your coach is human. She knows what it is like to get off track, and even to struggle getting back on track. Being open and honest with her is the only way she can help you get where you want to go! Remember, she is not a mind reader, and she is there to help you!

If your goals for the improvement season were not met, now is the time to forgive yourself and move on! There is nothing you can do about it now, and being upset at yourself is a waste of time! It sucks! Oh well! Move on! Remember your past successes and use that positive memory as a motivator and faith builder, because you CAN do this again. Start each day with a new slate, be gentle with yourself as you get going again, and stay accountable to your coach! You never know….2017 could be your best year yet! I’ve seen it done before, competitors come back from a wasted improvement season and kill it that next year – that could be you!

We’re here to help you make it happen!