Help! Momma Needs Her Mojo Back! 

Help! Momma Needs Her Mojo Back! 

By: Tanya Burk

I have 3 daughters ages 17, 13, and 11. My family is busy – very busy! Seriously, there are weeks that we have a ballgame, or some other extracurricular activity, every single night of the week! It’s crazy how busy moms are these days! I remember my mom making a home cooked meal every night of the week. Who can realistically do that anymore? When I attend my girls’ many activities, I talk to the other busy moms about life. Somehow the topic of taking care of ourselves always seems to come up. We all want to do a good job with our family and our household responsibilities, we want to excel at our careers, AND we would really like to look good and feel good doing it, right? What is a mom to do when she barely has time to breathe? How in the world can she make time to take care of herself?

You’ve heard the saying, “If momma ain’t happy, then nobody is happy”, I have found this to be very true! When I don’t feel good physically, or feel good about myself mentally, things are tense in the house. I don’t mean to be grumpy, it just happens. It’s amazing how the atmosphere of a home changes when momma is moody! Other moms tell me the same thing happens to them and their families. The point is if we, as moms, don’t invest a little in ourselves, the whole family ends up losing in the process. Think of it like the car you use to taxi the kids around, if you don’t change the oil and do regular maintenance, it will eventually wear out and break down. You, as mom of the house, are the same way. If you don’t invest in yourself, the whole family has the potential of going down, since you probably carry a majority of the responsibility of taking care of everyone else in the household.

A great way to start investing in your health is to get on a healthy meal plan. Do meal prep a few hours one day a week and portion the food out for the entire week. If you don’t feel like you can do this for the entire family, at least do it for you! If you eat right throughout the week you will feel more energized, your body will begin to change in positive ways, and you will feel so much better about yourself. Many moms tell me it is too hard to stay on a meal plan, they are just way too busy, and they usually don’t eat throughout the day. That is certainly not healthy. Many people end up binging because they are so hungry later on – not healthy either! A lot of times moms get into a habit of eating the leftovers from the kids or grabbing something small, but dangerous, like fries in the fast food line. I have lived both ways, and by far, the life with a meal plan works out so much better in the end! If you have your meals all portioned out and ready to go, you can take them with you and not be tempted to eat the bad stuff. A quality meal plan will not leave you hungry, so the temptation to binge is minimized. Busy moms really benefit from the TwinFitness nutrition program of a fat adapted lifestyle, as it helps balance hormones and creates energy! In the fitness world we say 80-85% of results come from nutrition, so there it is! 80-85% of the battle will be won if you will only eat well on a consistent basis. Give yourself a cheat meal once a week to enjoy, and eat healthy the rest of the time!

Next, get your body moving! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get up early in the morning and get 30 minutes of cardio in before breakfast, and then after work hit the gym for an hour and strength train -ideal, right? Well, life is not perfect. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to have that schedule regularly. You can get your body moving wherever you are though, just get creative! If you are waiting for a child to finish practice, don’t wait in the car – get out and walk, run, stretch! Hook up with another mom during an activity your kids have together and workout together, go for a walk, do something – just move! One mom told me recently that she does calf raises and leg lifts in her kitchen while cooking dinner! Fit it in however you can while you are in this busy stage of life. If you can sacrifice something in order to get to a group class or a one on one workout session, the benefits will pay off drastically! Do what you need to do to keep your body from being stagnant! Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, you are setting your whole family up for disaster!

Lastly, in this busy mom stage of life you have to take some advice from your toddler’s movie and learn to LET IT GO! It is so easy to get stress overloaded. Cortisol levels sore when this happens and that can lead to excess weight gain and insulin resistance. One aspect of taking care of you is letting go of expectations and realizing life is not perfect. My mentor, IFBB Pro Kristie Trasey -Winter, reminds me of this constantly as I naturally battle a type A perfectionist personality. Life happens and we are unable to control much of what goes on around us. We can control us though! Momma can decide to be happy, to make choices to be healthier each day, and to think positively. You can be fit and happy while living extremely busy. You can get that Momma Mojo on – it’s up to you to take control of your life and do today what will make your entire family happier tomorrow! For help getting started on a healthier journey contact TwinFitness today at!