Here Come the Holidays

Here Come the Holidays

Ready or not, the Holidays are upon us! You know what that means….family dinners, work parties, treats at the office, parades, and the list of celebrations could just keep going! It’s such a fun time of year, but what’s a girl to do when food is everywhere?! Trying to stay fit and watch that waistline can be extremely hard this time of year. Here are a few quick tips to help you not merely survive through the upcoming season, but thrive past it without the scale jumping up in numbers and the skinny jeans not buttoning up.

  1. Eat healthy 80% of the time. Sure you are going to indulge some this time of year, but if you are eating right most of the time you can make it work! How to do?

Make sure you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Use a calorie tracking device like a fitbit, or an iwatch. Although these devices aren’t perfect, they will give you an idea of where you are when it comes to burning calories throughout your day.

Track your food calories on an app. You will be shocked at how many calories you are taking in, especially if you are indulging in Holiday treats.

Use the TwinFitness food pairing concept of making sure you have a portion size that is appropriate for you of a protein source and a healthy fat source at each meal. Carbohydrates come on their own – you don’t have to try to include them – they show up anyway!

Learn to be a savvy label reader and navigate through the false advertising allowed on food. A product can be labeled and made to look like it’s healthy, when in fact it is not. Things to consider when you read a nutritional information label:

Look at the serving per container. Too many people look at the total fat/carbs/protein but fail to see how many servings of these are in the total package.

For example, take the grams of carbohydrate times the total servings and you have the true nutritional totals in the package. If a drink has 15 grams of carbohydrates and there are  2.5 serving per can and you drink the entire can, you actually consumed 37.5 grams of carbs.

Look at the sugars. Finding foods that are under 10 grams of sugar per serving is good, under 5 grams is optimal.

Use caution if something says low fat on it. Healthy fat gives energy. Too many low fat foods are packed full of sugar. Watch out for this!

  1.  Exercise. You must stay active even though it’s getting cooler outside.

Strength training creates muscles that help speed up your metabolism. Don’t worry about “bulking up” and looking manly from lifting weights. That will not happen. Strength training creates shape, and every girl wants that hourglass figure!

Cardio – that lovely word! Cardio is your friend. She burns fat and helps your heart become healthier. She really should be your bestie!

Do not let time be an excuse not to exercise. You have to make time for it. Schedule it with a friend. Attend one of our TwinFitness group classes.  Make an appointment with one of our certified personal trainers. Whatever you have to do to make it work, make sure you are exercising most days of the week.

  1. Bring your own snacks to the Holiday parties. This way, you know there will be something there that you can eat guilt free – but remember to watch your portion sizes!

A veggie tray is a great go to for Holiday parties. Cut up some raw veggies, add in a low carb dip and you are good to go.

Watch your Holiday cocktails. Many drinks are loaded with sugars. If you indulge, indulge in a skinny girl, low carb, low calorie drink. The calories from drinks, added to the effect alcohol has on the metabolism can wreck havoc on all of your other great health and fitness endeavors!

Happy Holidays from all of us at TwinFitness. We hope you have the best season ever with family and friends. If you keep the focus on that this Holiday season – family, friends and relationships, and not all the food – follow these tips, and you will start 2018 on track!