How to recover AFTER show

How to recover AFTER show

Let’s face it, almost every competitor has been at that point. You know which one I’m talking about, you’ve been working your butt off (or in our case, always on) for the last 12 weeks. You have had to say no to endless temptations such as Oreos, Pancakes, Fast Food and hello to Protein Shakes, Lean Meats, Nutritious Vegetables, and Bacon! (Yes, I said Bacon. If you’ve been training with TwinFitness there is no doubt you have been able to have bacon. If you’re reading this and haven’t been training with TwinFitness I suggest you call them to learn more about the TwinFitness Way and get started right this minute (you won’t be sorry)….ok how about you finish reading this blog THEN go call us).

Back on point…Show day has happened. You did amazing and rocked it on that stage. Win or lose you get to go home with a trophy, your amazing strong and healthy body!!! (That sounds like an AWESOME win!!!!) Fitness competitors are rare in this world. We are that of the few percent that do this sport! So pat yourself on the back, be proud of yourself, and DON’T GO BINGE! You might be saying to yourself, “What do you mean? But I’ve earned it!” My response to that is we are humans, not dogs and because of that we should not be rewarded with “food treats.” Ask anyone who has ever gone overboard after a show, it’s not worth it. A small snack sure. But a large pizza, some fajitas, cookies, soda, etc. NOT worth it AT ALL. People have been known to not only have a stomach ache but get physically ill from over doing their post show meal. Speaking from experience, be kind to your body and make sure to follow the steps below.

How to recover AFTER show:

1. Have a plan

2. Drink your WATER!

3. Don’t go overboard on the sodium. High sodium is your WORST enemy!

4. Take a deep breath and relax!


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