I’m Too Busy to Meal Prep!

By: Tanya Burk

You’ve heard that meal prepping is the way to go – but who has the time, right? I run into people while out & about who comment on my “little baggies of food” and containers of healthy snacks that I always have with me. People usually applaud my effort, & then follow up by saying how they could never find the time to do something like that, let alone the cost! I have found that meal planning & prepping actually save me & my family time, money, & sanity! Here’s how:

  1. If you are like the average American household you are super busy every night of the week with various activities. Before you know it you end up eating out, & it’s usually fast food! That’s not only unhealthy, but the cost adds up. With a meal plan you grab & go, so there are no excuses for not having food with you or not being prepared!
  2. The time it takes prepping for part of a day, only 1 day out of the week, saves time the rest of the week. Let’s say you meal prep for the week on Sunday afternoon, sure it took a few hours of that afternoon, but you are done for the week – no more cooking!
  3. When you plan your meals you eat better food. This higher quality of food makes you healthier, so you save money on doctor bills & medicine. I like to think of meal planning as “preventative medicine” for the family!IMG_6662
  4. You save time when you plan what you are going to eat all week by only hitting the grocery store once a week! When I don’t meal plan & prep I can actually find myself at the local grocer every day of the week! When I meal plan I am usually only there once to twice a week. If I end up there twice it’s usually because of unexpected things that come up during the week like kids needing a treat for school or realizing I’m out of a staple item – not because I need more food for family meals.
  5. You are less tempted to eat unhealthy foods because you already know when your next meal will be & what it will be. There’s no more waiting too long to eat & then eating too much. When you have a plan you tend to stick to it, especially when you have worked to make sure the plan is in place.
  6. Food actually becomes an afterthought, not an obsession. When meal planning & prepping become a habit you stop thinking about food as an option or a treat. Your mind begins to think of it more as a daily habit used to fuel the body. Sure, you still enjoy food but it becomes a friendly daily habit, not a source of mental anguish over what to eat and what not to.
  7. Your home becomes more peaceful. Blood sugars are stabilized, & moods for everyone in the family stay more at ease. The time you took for part of a day to cook, portion out, & stock food actually became an investment in peace in your household!
  8. You are being a good steward of your money, your time, & taking care of the one & only physical body you will ever have. That just makes you feel good!

This all makes sense, right? Now, you aren’t sure what to plan for those meals? At TwinFitness we can help! We have coaches who can help you plan, prep and stay on track to a healthy lifestyle! Contact us today!