Is Competing Worth It to You?

Is Competing Worth It to You?

By: Tanya Burk

My daughter just landed a part in her high school’s upcoming play Peter and the Starcatcher. She is going to be Molly – remember those books from your childhood? Anyway, I was running lines with her the other night and a quote from the play hasn’t left me since I heard it:

“…things are only worth what you’re willing to give up for them.”

My daughter’s always telling me that you learn so much about real life from theatre.  This one line hit me really hard.  Maybe it’s because it’s my daughter’s Senior year, and I’m nostalgic?  Maybe it’s because of my work.  I work with women everyday, who whether they realize it or not, are asking themselves this type of question with their daily choices. Is what they want worth what they are going to have to give up in order to get it.

Let me apply this to competing at an NPC show. The negative focus of what a person must give up to do such a task gets a lot of attention.  I hear these types of things from prospective competitors: If I compete I will have to give up going out to eat, sweets, junk food, sleep, extra time that I am going to have to invest at the gym when I could be with friends or family, partying, money, and carbohydrates (and I love my bread – I hear that one a lot)!

All of this is true and prospective competitors should take these things into consideration. Then, the question of whether or not competing is worth giving up all these things needs to be asked. Before answering that question though, I think a person needs to take into consideration the things she will gain when she competes.  Things like, confidence, pride, strength, new friends, energy, health, self accomplishment, a rockin body, becoming an inspiration, empowerment, and drive that maybe she never knew she had. What about being part of a very small percentage of the population who have pushed their bodies to that type of extreme and stepped on an NPC stage?

Things really are only worth what you are willing to give up for them.  The considerations I mentioned above look fairly easy from which to choose, junk food or a rockin body, partying/going out to eat with friends or a sense of accomplishment, but really it all comes down to what a person values the most – junk food or how the body looks, going out to eat/partying or having a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes the decision is much harder than what it looks like at face value though. Take me for instance, I’m not sure the extra time I would need in the gym (on top of what I’m already doing)  to be competition ready is worth the time it would take away from my family in this season of life I’m in – probably because it’s my daughter’s senior year and she will be moving away to college soon.  A friend of mine who wanted to compete, but also wanted to make improvements on her house, decided she valued putting her money in her house over the competition.

It is a personal choice, but be true to yourself and make sure you are not just making excuses. Sometimes we get so scared of what we have to give up that we never push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and we find excuses.  I know in the past I have thought it was not the right time for me to compete for this or that reason, BUT things really are only worth what you are willing to give up for them – remember?  I found ways to make it work because I wanted it badly enough.  How badly do you want that goal you have of competing?  How badly do you want all the benefits that go along with competing? If you are not sure of all the details, but have some interest in competing – contact us.  We would love to candidly discuss your situation and how competing might, or might not work for you.  Email us at, and let us help you make the right decision for you.