Is Your Eating Out of Control?

Is Your Eating Out of Control?

By: Tanya Burk

Are you a binge eater? Since being involved in the fitness industry I’ve found there are a lot of fitness competitors that struggle with binge eating. I understand binge eating. I used to be the biggest binge eater ever! When I was in college what started out as an occasional binge after restricting my diet turned into very unhealthy, large binges that would end in purging or long periods of fasting. Sometimes I would try to burn off the damage I had done from binging by doing lots of exercise. This habit turned into an addiction that started controlling every part of my life. Thankfully, I found health and healing, but because of my experiences I totally understand when fitness athletes tell me about their binge episodes. In fact, I had been healthy for over 15 years from my binge eating when I competed in my first fitness competition. After that competition was the first time I felt the temptation to binge again. After being so strict on what I ate while preparing for the competition, the letdown after the show left me in a sense of freedom. This freedom was a false sense of control that could have totally put my eating out of control again. Luckily, I had enough painful memories to keep myself from going down that road again. However, I work with girls every day who lose control and fall into episodes of binging.

It seems that a lot of binge eating happens during weekends. These weekend long binges create stand-stills in fitness progress. It takes 3 days to reregulate the body and get it to work for you again after binging for a weekend. That means you are reregulating your body until Thursday. You have Thursday and Friday to make progress, but if you end up binging again on the weekend you never get anywhere!

When you binge eat you can consume anywhere from 1500-3000 calories easily! How is one supposed to remedy that? A lot of girls will tell me that they just throw in an extra workout or cardio session to take care of the extra food. The problem is you never really can out exercise a bad diet, and cardio machines can by way off when they tell you how many calories you burn!

The examples below are based on calories burned in a 30 min. period of moderate to intense exercise for a female weighing 130 lbs.  (The lighter you weight the LESS you burn!)

  1.  Running at 10mph pace – 250 calories burned
  2.  Cycling at a moderate pace – 236 calories burned
  3.  Intense weight training – 177 calories burned

If you “over indulge” by 1500 calories you would have to do the following in order to burn off JUST that amount of calories.

  1.  Run for 6 hours
  2.  Run for 3 hours then bike for 3 hours
  3.  Weight train for 2 hours, run for 2 hours then cycle for OVER 2.5 hour

Read this link to see a more accurate account of how many calories are burnt during exercise:

Not only is this type of strenuous exercise not a time efficient solution, it also creates inflammation in the body on top of the havoc that the binge episode already put on the body – not healthy at all! How about fasting to rid your body of the extra calories? Fasting for over 16 hours at a time has been shown to actually put women into a fat holding state. The fasting efforts to reverse the damage of the binge eating episode actually make the situation worse as the metabolism slows down.

is your eating out of control?So, what do you do if you binge? CONTACT YOUR TWINFITNESS ELITE COACHING COACH! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed – be honest, and tell your coach what has happened. She is the expert, and she will tell you exactly what you need to do to get back on track and minimize the damage of the binge. If you find you are struggling with binging more than every now and again, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Doing a needs’ assessment can be an effective way to find where the urge to binge is coming from. You may have a physiological need that you need to address like thirst or sleep. You may have psychological needs that are surfacing through a desire to eat. Deeper investigation may be needed to help you overcome the binging urges. Being open and honest with your coach is THE BEST WAY to help yourself gain control of your eating and become the happiest, healthiest you that you can be! Remember your goals are bigger and better than the food in front of you, and nothing taste better than looking and being healthy feels! You can do it and you are worth it!