You know you want to be a bikini competitor – why aren’t you?

You know you want to be a bikini competitor – why aren’t you?

This post is for that person out there who has always “kind of” wanted to step on stage and compete in a bikini or figure competition. You know who you are. You stalk the competitors on Instagram. You watch for the competition updates. You want to look just like the people you admire. You just don’t think you could….or could you?

Well, I am here to tell you that you can! The people you are following are not “perfect”.
They are normal people. I have competed several times and believe me – if I can do it, you can too!

What is it that enables these people to do it? How do they actually get their bodies in good enough shape to step on stage? Well, number one – they just go for it. They decide. You can toy around with the idea of stepping on stage all your life and die with regret, or you can just decide to do it – and do it! Don’t wait on life to be perfect; it never will be.  You get older every day, so time is not on your side. Don’t wait if you want to compete. Make a decision and go for it today.

Number two – you have to find a coach, with experience, who will provide you with a quality plan to get you stage ready. The Elite Coaching Team, powered by TwinFitness, has proven experience equipping girls to compete. We have coached girls who compete locally, and nationally. Our team founders and leaders, Michelle and Kristie Trasey, are IFBB Bikini Pros. What I loved most about competing on the Elite Coaching Team, and now coaching for it, is the team atmosphere. We are uplifting, fun, and support each other to individual successes! We are the team to be on!

Number three – you have to make your mind up to complete your goal. Once you make a decision, get a coach/team/and plan, you have to finish it out. There will be days when the nutrition plan will be hard to follow, the workouts will seem impossible to complete, and life may even throw you a curve ball and unexpected things could come up. No matter what though,  you can complete your goal! I have seen people go through life changing events and still complete their goal of competing.  The confidence they gain through persevering is unmatched. The sense of success they derive from reaching their goal is something no one can ever take away from them.

You see, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 – decide, choose a team, and implement the scheme! Okay, all joking aside, we all know the task of becoming competition ready is not that easy; however, it honestly comes down to you making it as hard as you want to make it. With the right attitude, and the right team behind you, you CAN make the impossible possible. Stop wishing, waiting, and dreaming – it’s time to make it happen. Email us today at to find out about our Elite Coaching Team options and which one is right for you. Don’t put it off another day. You deserve to live your dreams.

By: Tanya Burk