Kristie’s Transformation!!

Kristie’s Transformation!!

Being in the fitness industry one of the most common questions is, “how do you do it?!” Especially around the holiday times, when yummy meals, naughty goodies, and family are everywhere we can’t help but ask again, how are other people are doing it. So in good measure, it was only appropriate to share the journey of a person who has it all and still does it all! Below is a journey from someone who knows what working hard is and knows that there is a way to HAVE IT ALL!!!

IFBB Pro Kristie Trasey shares her recent “ah-ha” moment and how we all could take a moment and listen to our bodies. The only result? A better way of life and a fabulous (and healthy) YOU!!!

“The last show I did was July of 2012 and it was a miserable experience from the start.  Eating only chicken that was dry with no flavoring, turkey, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, asparagus (yuck!), etc. you get the picture! I felt nauseous daily and I was not getting the results I wanted. I was doing over hours of cardio daily needless to say, I was NOT having fun! Now knowing I was carb adapted like 90% of all females!

I stopped having my period right after my show training earlier in the year and by late 2012 weighed the MOST I ever had in my entire life (other than when I was prego with my twins!) I started having symptoms of being pregnant, breast tenderness, cramps, feeling very “fluffy” in the mid section, all of it I was feeling. I took multiple pregnancy tests but all came back negative. Needless to say I was feeling “crummy” and was convinced I had to change something. So I made an appointment with my doctor. I was told during my appointment everything was fine, my hormone levels came back normal, all my tests (female tests) were normal they concluded that it was just me “getting older.” WHAT? I’m only 40, I thought! I refused to settle with the answer from the doctors office and so I started digging deeper!

Through countless research and continuous education, I discovered my body and mental state was going through metabolic burnout. Metabolic what? ME?! NO WAY?!  But every symptom I had, fatigue, NOT sleeping, lack of motivation, unhappy (I wasn’t depressed but “not happy” for me is weird) I had it! This is when I knew I had to start looking for a different way to train if I wanted to continue to not only be my best but help others obtain their best. I discovered that I had to reset my body with natural supplements and I would not have to eat dry chicken or do more than 45 min of cardio!

I received an email about IFBB adding a Masters Pro Bikini (something we had been wanting to participate in for a long time!). But wait, I had 11 weeks to get ready.  With my weight at 128.8 (the heaviest I had EVER been) I couldn’t resist my motivation and love for my sport, so I dove right in! What’s a better time then the present right?!

50% of my diet consisted of healthy fat which immediately gave me the natural energy I had been desperately searching for. I was NOT craving ANY sweets and each day I felt great!

I added weight training to 4 days per week and did cardio about 3 days per week for 20 min.  It was so different than what I had ever did and even better, it was working!  In fact my hubby said to me, “Aren’t you training for the November 2nd show?” I said, “YES!”  His reply was, “Really? But it’s not taking over your life?! I like this new way!!!”

I can honestly say I will NEVER go back to training the “old way”.  I never want to go through metabolic burnout again and don’t want ANY other competitors to either.  Stepping back on stage at the beginning of November was GREAT!  And I could not have been more proud to be a part of the VERY first IFBB Masters Pro Bikini!!!

Moral of my story:  There is a better way. You don’t have to eat dry chicken and do 2 hours of cardio daily to have it all!  If you think you are going through metabolic burn out just remember it can be reversed! And I’m living proof!!!”

Starting weight was 128.8lb | 20% body fat | Waist: 27.5in

My show weight was 113.2lb | 12.9% body fat | Waist: 22.5 in


2 months/4 wks/ show

2 months out/4 weeks out/ ShowTime!