Lack of Support (we don’t mean a bad sports bra)

Lack of Support (we don’t mean a bad sports bra)

Have you ever had a relationship with a person in your life who wanted you to fail?  A person who was negative and didn’t want you to succeed or improve?  I’ve had to deal with this type of person not only in my personal/business life but I’ve also had my fair share of clients tell me they’ve had similar experiences. This unsupportive person may have been your husband or maybe your best friend or possibly a coworker.  It felt like they repeatedly “beat” you down and did not want you to succeed.  Consciously, we know that when this happens this person is actually jealous of your accomplishments. But unconsciously, it makes it more difficult to pursue your dreams.

We all want to feel supported and accepted as we try to make the best of who we are. As you step outside your “comfort” zone what usually happens is these negative people don’t like change and they view you as being  ‘in a little box’ that is representative of your life.  As soon as you start stepping outside that box they become uncomfortable because it means that “things” will change. That you will change.  Most people don’t like change and if you are “changing” to better yourself you can bet that people around you are going to be negative. They are negative because they are jealous and they, themselves, do not want to change.  Your changing makes them uncomfortable and it can create tension in a relationship.  Here is some advice for those of you who may be in a relationship with an unsupportive person:

1. Don’t complain about your “journey” to people closest to you!  If you’re training for a show or just started a new workout plan to lose weight, embrace the journey.  If your friend or husband loved to play golf and all he/she did was gripe about how they hated it and couldn’t wait until it was finished and dreaded every stroke of every game, would you want them to continue playing and listen to them complain about their “hobby”?  Think about that before you start complaining about your workouts or nutrition.

2.  True friends will be there for you!  They might not completely understand why you’re doing it but they will support you.

3.  Surround yourself with like-minded people.  At TwinFitness we all support each other no matter what your goals or your fitness level.

4.  Don’t complain. Just do!

5.  Embrace the journey and be positive about assignments.

6.  Don’t become a hermit…live your life as normally as you can as you are learning to live a healthily life style.

One of the unintended consequences of your commitment to being a better you, is you will be an example to those around you. You never know who is watching you, what you can teach others and who you might inspire. You just never know. That person who started out being a thorn in your side may end up being the person who works-out with you side by side!