Life After the Show 

Life After the Show 

By: Tanya Burk

As competition show season starts to come to a close for 2016, it is extremely important for bikini and figure competitors to prepare for a season of improvement and recovery. Competing in the fitness industry is an arduous endeavor. It takes tons of focus and loads of self-discipline. When the last NPC competition of the year ends, there is a post-season let-down that no one can fully understand until they have been there and done it! Some people compare the let-down to that of the grueling task of planning a wedding. It is all consuming and then – boom – like that, it is over!

At TwinFitness all of our Elite Coaching, competition training coaches have been there, we have all done it, and are still doing it! We know what it is like to try to find a balance and a new sense of purpose in our fitness journeys as the NPC competition season comes to a close. The time that falls between the end of one competition season and the beginning of another can be very valuable. If used wisely competitors can make the improvements the judges’ feedback said would better their placements. It is very hard to make those improvements if competitors do not stay connected to their fitness family and plugged into the source that helped them get this far on their journey – their coach! Keeping on plan, both nutritiously and physically, during this season is imperative to get the gains of improvement.

Some circles in the fitness industry adhere to the philosophy that it benefits competitors to “bulk” during this time, so they can gain muscle. At TwinFitness we do not share this same philosophy. We do reverse competitors’ nutrition plans, but we work with them to stay within 10 pounds of their competition weight. We strive to make our competitors as healthy as possible and work with them to lead healthy lifestyles. We do not believe that gaining and losing large amounts of weight is the healthiest practice for females. We help our competitors gain muscle and work on the improvements the judges wanted them to make before they hit the stage again – all while staying within 10 pounds of their competition weight.

This year we are pleased to announce that we are offering a new program that focuses entirely on equipping our competitors for a season of improvement and recovery! We will be offering this program in studio, and on-line, to a small number of enrollees, so we can keep the coach/competitor ratio small for maximum benefit! This 8-week program will include focus on topics such as improvement season changes in nutrition, exercising, supplementation, mental preparation, tricks of the trade, life balance, challenges, preparing for 2017, and so much more! If this program sounds like something you would be interested in, and honestly what competitor wouldn’t be, contact your coach, or email

Take it from someone who has lived the struggle, finding a balance and a renewed purpose in your fitness journey after your competition season is over can be hard. If you surround yourself with the right guidance, you can succeed! You can use this time wisely, and make the gains you will be so happy about in 2017!