Lift like a girl: The myth about females that lift getting bulky.


We love the saying “lift like a girl”.  We love it because as females, weight training is very important.  It’s important for many reasons:


  1. Weight training adds firmness to your body!  Do you feel soft and flabby?  You can do all the cardio you want, but without weight training—you won’t be able to tone those areas.
  2. Adding a little muscle will help your body become more metabolically active.  You burn more calories while you are in a resting state. Who doesn’t want that!?
  3. Posture!  Ladies, we have all seen the grandmas that begin to shrink as they age because their posture is so bad.  Don’t be one of those.
  4. Strength, very important for protecting your body. If your arms and legs are not strong enough to lift daily things you are going to injury yourself.  For example the next time you lift something heavy (could be a milk jug) over your head—how does it feel?  That movement isn’t going to get easier unless you start lifting something above your head consistently.  I experienced this several years ago.  I was training a client and tried to lift a barbell up to her neck and I thought, “Wow, this is heavy”. I had not been focusing on my weights at the time and it was very apparent.
  5. Muscle takes up LESS space in your body than fat!!  Get off the scale!  Measure by how your clothes fit not what that scale says. I know it’s easy to get obsessed with a number, but I encourage you to start focusing on a body-fat reading.  Learn about fat mass vs. lean mass on your body!  We weigh ourselves only about once every month….if that!


Keep in mind if you are lifting correctly with isolated movements (like a stationary lunge) it is impossible to get bulky!  If you start lifting like a power-lifter then you can add bulk to your muscles.  Educated yourself about what fits your body and how to accomplish your desired look!

So grab those weights and lift like a girl!