How to Lose Weight the Right Way!

How to Lose Weight the Right Way!

So for years, especially as females, we have thought that to lose weight you had to eat fewer calories. As a result, we would do a ton of cardio, reduce our calories, and hopefully lose weight. The only problem with this equation is that after a couple years of going back & forth (or yo-yo-ing) you have lost a good amount of muscle & messed up your hormones so much that the only way to lose weight now (10 years later) is to eat less than 1200 cal/day. We all know that is not good for long periods of time. 

Let me educate you on calories! They are not created equal. A single 100-calorie snack pack of cookies is not the same as a 100-calorie pack of almonds! Yes, the calories are the same amount, but the difference lies in what your body does to it when you eat it & how it’s metabolized. Your body will burn more body-fat with the almonds than with the cookies, which means when you exercise your body will start burning fat faster, and not just use up the carbs (cookies) you just ate.  Also, it is important to note when you eat low quality food (cookies) your body becomes hormonally unbalanced!  When this happens your body is confused & your hormones send the wrong signals to your brain, therefore halting the ability to burn body-fat!  You might relate to this if you are a premenopausal woman who is gaining weight even though you are only eating 1000 cal/day.  This is why we focus on HIGH quality food consumption.  As females we MUST have hormonal balance to lose weight.  Eventually, after eating high quality food your body will become balanced & you will begin losing weight without even trying! Trust me it works!  As I got older (now 40) it was getting more challenging for me & my sis (yes my twin) to lose weight. We kept doing more and more exercise, along with eating less, & nothing was happening.  In fact, we were gaining weight & cellulite was appearing like never before.  Both of us knew something was wrong, & that’s when we found a new way to stay lean & help other females do the same. We now train ourselves & our clients to became “fat-adapted”.  If you google that term you will learn a lot.  The main thing you need to know as a female is to help your body work for you (fat-adapted) instead against you (carb-adapted).  I have NEVER felt better in my life!  Neither of us will go back to the old way (carb-adapted) because we feel so amazing!  We stay lean, while eating a variety of great food, with only 4 days/week of working out for 45min-1hr.  Keep in mind, this is compared to almost 2hrs/day in our carb-adapted state.  I urge you to educate yourself & get a professional to help you with adapting to this new way…you will NOT regret it!!

Michelle Trasey

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