May Your Holiday Season be Happy & Healthy!

May Your Holiday Season be Happy & Healthy!

By: Tanya Burk

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or is it? Is it wonderful to have treats and sweets everywhere you go, available every time you turn around? For someone endeavoring to stay fit, the Holidays can be the hardest time of all. Not to worry though! At TwinFitness we have a Holiday prescription to help you stay on track this Holiday season!

H – Have a plan in place before you attend a Holiday party. Limit yourself to one treat meal a week. Know in advance when and where you are having the treat of the week. When you stay to only one meal every week where you treat yourself, the abundance of Holiday goodies shouldn’t wreak havoc on your fitness.

O – Office no no’s! Don’t allow the extra goodies at the office to sabotage your hard work in the gym. People tend to think, “If I only have one of this goodie, it won’t be that big of a deal.” Extra bites, licks and tastes all hold calories that add up fast! If it is not time for your one scheduled treat a week, do not take even a bite, lick, or taste! The extra calories that BLT’s (extra bites, licks, and tastes) have don’t come off as easily as most people expect. You can never out exercise poor nutrition choices, so choose well!

L – Let go of mistakes and move on! Do not succumb to the mentality that if you blow it a little, you might as well blow it a lot! If you mess up and eat a piece of fudge at the office, don’t go crazy and blow it even more the rest of the day! That one piece of fudge is a lot less harmful than the fudge plus a piece of cake, plus chips and salsa, plus so on and so much more! If you mess up, forgive yourself, stop yourself from messing up more, and move on!

I –Initiate bringing food to the party! Offer to bring an appetizer to that next get together, and make it something you know is healthy to eat – like a veggie tray! If you bring a healthy snack to the party, you know you will have options that you can partake in that won’t mess up your nutrition!

D – Do move extra! Exercise is always good advice, but because of the extra temptations during the Holidays, being intentional about moving extra is extremely beneficial! Park away from the stores while Holiday shopping. Schedule time at the gym even when your calendar gets overloaded this time of year, and make that gym time a priority! Take extra walks, get the family moving during Holiday gatherings, plan a game where you have to get up and move (like a scavenger hunt, or a family hike), and burn as many calories as you can by being active!

A – Appreciate your body! The Holidays are a time of year when depression and anxiety hit an all-time high. Appreciating your body, even if it’s not where you want it to be yet, will help ward off negativity and depression. Being grateful for what you have is a key to staying positive. Find one aspect of your body every day that you appreciate, and focus on that. Journaling is a great way to channel your gratitude. Positive posts on social media are also much needed in a negative society, especially this time of year. Be positive and watch the positivity come back to you!

Y – You need motivation. What motivates you to stay on track with your fitness endeavors? Find what works for you, and focus on it extra hard during this time of the year. If reading fitness magazines help motivate you – stack up on them before you travel. If scrolling through fitness sites on-line keeps you motivated, do it when you feel tempted to cheat. Is it those skinny jeans you want to wear New Year’s Eve that motivate you? Keep a picture of them on your phone, so that you can look at it when you feel like diving into the Christmas candy jar.

S – Stay accountable to someone! You need someone to go to when you feel tempted who will help you stay on track. You also need someone you can vent to if you do mess up. At TwinFitness our trainers are excellent resources to help keep you motivated and on track. We are also human, and we know how it feels when you blow it. We love being real with our clients, and helping them through the struggles of staying fit – especially during the Holiday season. We have all been there, done it, and hope to get the opportunity to help you turn your fitness goals into realizations that you can enjoy all year round!