More Than a Moment

More Than a Moment

When you train for a fitness competition most of your concentration and energy go into a sort of tunnel focus on how you want to look for those few minutes you will be judged on stage. It’s crazy how it takes months of effort for a few moments on stage. When you are standing on stage though, looking the best you have looked in your life, all the effort feels worth it in the end. It’s a perfect dance of hard work and reaping the benefits of that intense labor.

Then, just like that, the moment is over and life goes on like it normally did before the competition. What in the world was that even like you wonder? It’s been so long and you’ve been so  focused on the competition – that one moment – it’s hard to even remember how you lived before you prepped for the competition. Do you want to go back to that life anyway? Where’s the new balance? What will your new life look like when that one moment is over?

I’ve seen one too many competitors fall into a void during this time after competition. They indulge in too much food (because they have been depriving themselves of it for so long), and sometimes they stop exercising all together (because they have exercised so much for so long prepping for their competition – they’re over it). You know what happens when you eat more food and don’t exercise… gain weight. It’s never good weight that is gained in this way. How can a competitor compete, and go back to a “normal” life in a healthy way?

I believe competitors need to be coached that their hard word is for more than the one moment of judging on stage. Talking about goals after the competition is important. I like to talk about 2 numbers with competitors. One number is the highest number they are going to let themselves go to on the scale after the competition. The other number is their “ideal” weight. This has to be determined together, coach to competitor. Sometimes competitors think their “ideal” weight is their stage weight. This is not healthy, and not sustainable for a long time goal. Working together to determine boundaries (before the competition) is a great way to be proactive in determining a healthy lifestyle after the moment of competition is over.  

It’s possible to compete and live a healthy lifestyle after the competition. Competing is as much mental as it is physical. The head games that go on throughout the process have to be controlled. Coaching for after the moment of competition has to be included in a healthy prep. This is a part of the competition process that can’t be ignored for longevity and total enjoyment in the sport. If you need help in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love helping competitors do great on stage, and live great after that moment!

By: Tanya Burk