Not Merely Surviving – THRIVING! 

Not Merely Surviving – THRIVING! 

By: Tanya Burk

Tamara Usman was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in Nov. of 2015. Her doctor put her on a ketogenic nutrition plan to “starve” the cancer. Tamara started having trouble performing at work and having sufficient energy to work-out, so she contacted Shelby Eads, the metabolic specialist at TwinFitness. Shelby helped her learn many factors about the ketogenic lifestyle. Sodium replenishment was a major factor Tamara was missing in her new lifestyle, which was draining her energy levels. Because Shelby helped Tamara so much with her nutrition, when Tamara was ready to work on weight loss goals, Shelby was her number one pick for help!

Tamara had worked with various personal trainers and coaches in the past 12 years. The difference she found working with Shelby at TwinFitness was that she actually got results! None of the other coaches or trainers she had worked with before understood her metabolic needs while lifting and running, especially while being in a keto or fat adapted state. Shelby was the first to educate Tamara on her metabolic needs in conjunction with her exercising! Tamara loved how Shelby held her accountable, but was gentle and kind with her in the process. She also loved the fact that Shelby was great at communicating with her and answering her questions. “She was exactly what I needed to get the results I was after!”

Tamara’s advice to others who want to lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives is to train with TwinFitness! She encourages others to “just do it”! Tamara believes that making a 3-6 month commitment is imperative, but she warns to be ready to have a lifestyle changed with knowledge and self- empowerment!

“For the first time in my 41 years on this planet, I have a care manual for myself on how to eat. As someone who struggled with health issues for 33 years, because I didn’t know how to fuel my body properly, I know I will continue to thrive and grow now! No one comes with an owner’s manual, but I have one for myself based on the knowledge that I received from Shelby. I am so grateful for her!”

Tamara started her journey at TwinFitness at 192 pounds at the end of April, with 35% body fat. By the beginning of August she weighed 167 pounds, was down to 25% body fat, and is now empowered to successfully live a new lifestyle!