Operation Refrigerator Makeover: Begin your Healthy Lifestyle

Operation Refrigerator Makeover: Begin your Healthy Lifestyle

healthy refrigeratorEating healthy can sometimes be difficult. Especially with our busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles. Healthy foods can even be somewhat difficult to purchase regularly because most fruits and veggies perish easily. While on the other hand, frozen meals and junk food do not.

The first step to giving your fridge a healthy makeover is to remove all spoiled food. While you’re removing things, either get rid of or push to the back things like sugary drinks and processed foods.

A helpful trick is to take leftover meals out of styrofoam containers and place single servings into tupperware containers. By doing this, you are avoiding those big containers from hindering your view of the healthier options you need for cooking. It will also help the leftover food last longer.

When it comes to eating at home, it’s pretty simple: The more healthy choices you keep around, the more likely you are to choose them. And likewise, the less processed foods you keep around that are high in sugar and fat, the more of those you will eat. We certainly aren’t suggesting you only have fruits and vegetables. Other important foods to have around include: eggs, beans, grains (brown rice, wheat pasta), fish and low- fat milk. Having these staple items on hand will make it easier to grocery shop and prepare meals.

More helpful tips include:

  • Prepare your vegetables right after you buy them. Having them ready for use at any time will make you more likely to snack on them or cook with them.

  • Have fun with trying new recipes. If you’re not much of a cook, look for recipes with 5 or less ingredients. It’s easier than you think to cook from scratch and it is almost always cheaper.

  • Always have breakfast options! Whether you have time to sit down and eat or you have to run, nutritional breakfast is very important. Keep boiled eggs stored for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack.

  • Organize the drawers of your fridge for specific meals, such as a snack drawer and a lunch drawer. For example, keep healthy sandwich fixings in the lunch drawer and veggies and hummus in the snack drawer. Keeping these drawers stocked will help you to not be tempted to look elsewhere.

A well-organized fridge with healthy snack and meal options is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. If you want to start small, cut out processed foods and sugary drinks. By eating clean and exercising, you’ll experience higher levels of energy and concentration, not to mention you’ll look and feel great!

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