Personal Training: What’s the Missing Piece of Your Fitness Puzzle?

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Personal Training: What’s the Missing Piece of Your Fitness Puzzle?


What are you missing in your fitness regimen? It’s hard to say, right?  You know something isn’t working, but what is it?  You’ve been exercising more, and endeavoring to eat low carb, why aren’t you seeing more results? Well – that is a loaded question. Everyone’s fitness journey is individualized. Without a one-on-one consultation with a trained professional, it’s hard to say what might be hindering your results.  I want to throw 3 talking points out there that COULD be hindering you though. They are worthy of consideration.  Just to reiterate though, fitness journeys are not cookie cutter. You need a one-on-one personal training and nutrition consultation to know what is best for your individual body.  These 3 factors are trends I see occurring in people’s fitness regimens lately that are hindering their results. Maybe tweaking these factors will help get you over your slump.

  1. I encounter many people simply eating the wrong things. People who know what I do tend to tell me about what they eat.  I find a lot of people have the best intentions, they just lack knowledge from current research. They may be eating foods we have been told are good for us for the last 10-15 years, like foods labeled low-fat. They don’t realize that what we have been told failed us. Oatmeal and fruit in the morning spikes insulin and leaves the body needing more glucose to function. Then, there are the people who are endeavoring to eat low carb, but they are not getting enough fat in their diets. I run into this problem a lot. People are scared of fat.  The low-fat swing of the pendulum has left us all thinking all fat consumption causes high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity.  This simply isn’t true and recent research proves it. Our bodies need HEALTHY fats. When carbohydrates are limited, the body will use healthy fats for energy. Reprogramming our carb adapted bodies to use healthy fats for fuel is the key to making a low carb nutrition plan enjoyable and sustainable for life.
  2. I find people are not supplementing their nutrition, or they are not supplementing it in ways that are optimal. We do not get all the nutrients we need from our food. Especially as people age, they need supplementation for what their bodies are no longer producing in abundance.  This piece is very individualized. Supplementation in one area has the potential to change everything in a person’s fitness results. Every once in awhile, it really is that simple! There are 5 pretty standard supplements I usually recommend for everyone.  I call these my “fab 5”: a multivitamin, vitamin d, a probiotic, a liver detoxer, and fish oil. These supplements are well known benefactors, but still many people are not using them on a regular basis.  Quality is a big issue with supplements too.  You have to get good quality supplements, and many brands are full of fillers.  At TwinFitness we have the highest quality of supplements. We do not sell what we do not believe in. We demand the highest quality in our supplement selection for our clients.  We actually have all 5 of my “fab 5” supplements I recommend, and more on our website for purchase at We offer impact products as well that I have personally seen drastically increase results for clients.
  3. I see a trend of people exercising to exercise (which in and of itself is not bad), but they fail to get the results they desire because the exercises they are doing are not specific for those results. I have ladies ask me all the time how to get a smaller waist.  They tell me that they are doing abs everyday, and they are very upset that they aren’t seeing their waists shrink like they would like them to.  I hate telling them that the ab exercises they are doing to shrink their waistline may actually be enlarging it. Another example is when women, in particular, tell me they want curves. When I inquire about their current exercise regimen, they tell me they run several times a week.  Running and curvy bodies are usually not synonymous with one another. We need to exercise for the health benefits (of course), but specific exercises can help build the aesthetic appearance of a body. I find that a lot of people are interested in this aspect of exercise as much, or more, than they are the health benefits!

These three factors are current trends I keep running into. This post may or may not help you if you are frustrated with the results you are getting from your fitness regimen. If you’re frustrated and one or more of these three trends resonates with you, try altering your regimen accordingly.  A one-on-one consultation is the best option to really find out what is individually going on with you and your body though.  Call us at TwinFitness today at 913-648-8946 or email to see what we can do to help you!


By: Tanya Burk