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Personal training with TwinFitness is exactly that; personal. Whether you want to improve overall health or just tone-up a trouble spot, our personal trainers will work with you to get the results you desire. TwinFitness can help you reach your goals by holding you accountable every step of the way with weekly check-ins with your own fitness expert.

Online Personal Training

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or schedule you for a complimentary personal training consultation.

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Personal Training Sessions

We offer one-on-one personal training sessions with our fitness coaches, as well as tandem training sessions, each of which includes a one-hour nutritional consultation with one of our nutrition experts. All personal training programs include a copy of the monthly nutrition, cardio, and strength-training plan




Find your success!

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or schedule you for a complimentary consultation.

Personal Training
  • TwinFitness Shape-Up Program

    • sup
    • 1 Hour personal training session (1, 2 or 3 times a week)
    • Weekly check-ins with your coach for accountability
    • Monthly nutrition plan
    • Monthly cardio plan
    • Monthly strength training plan

  • Total-Body-Transformation Program

    • tbt
    • 1 Hour personal training session (1, 2 or 3 times a week)
    • Weekly check-ins with your coach for accountability
    • Monthly nutrition plan
    • Monthly cardio plan
    • Monthly strength training plan
    • Unlimited small group classes

Quad Training Program

TwinFitness’ Quad Training Program give you the fun atmosphere and cost-effective price of small group training with the added results focused attention of private one-on-one training. We believe Quad Training will forever change the way you workout!
Here is how Quad Training will work:

  1. Get four of your family/friends together.
  2. Train up to 3x/week with one of our certified trainers.
  3. Receive individualized nutrition coaching plus cardio and strength workouts each month. 
  4. Get your body fat, waist/hip circumference and weight taken 1x/month for extra accountability.


Receive the attention of Personal Training at an incredible price!

Not sure you can find a group of four people? No worries, we got you covered! TwinFitness will help group clients together based on their goals, personality and workout ability.

Quad Training Packages

As low as $35/Session!!
  • 1x/week Quad Training: $160/month
  • 2x/week Quad Training: $280/month
  • 3x/week Quad Training: $420/month
Quad Training

A La Carte Menu

Small Group Classes Add-On

TwinFitness Small Group Classes can be the perfect addition to any personal training regimen. Our high-energy classes will motivate and support you through an amazing workout in under 60 minutes!

Check out our small group classes, here!

Monthly Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Reach your goals quicker by having your nutrition plan customized to you! Meet with our metabolic specialist, and create a meal plan that fits your likes/dislikes, time availability, and specific goals. Every body is different, so your meal plan should be too.

Tandem Personal Training Sessions

Get the amazing accountability, motivation, and workout at a reduced cost with Tandem Personal Training. It’s a blast sharing your fitness experience with a close friend, sister, or co-worker. Grab a partner and get started today.

Corporate Weight Loss Challenges

It’s easier to get fit when you have support from your peers! Cheer on and challenge your co-workers in a fun, energetic atmosphere. TwinFitness provides all the necessary tools, education, and support for the entire office to get fit together.

Individualized Online Personal Training

Don’t live near by? TwinFitness can still help you. Our Online Portal allows you to check-in with your coach, record measurements and weight, upload progress photos, view your cardio, nutrition, and strength training plans, and so much more. TwinFitness ensures near or far, each individual gets a personalized, attentive experience with their online personal trainer.

Supplement Consultations

Supplementation is a key component to losing weight and getting in shape. We cannot stress enough that supplementation recommendations are very personal, and should be specific to you and your body alone. A nutritional supplement consultation can be a one-time add-on to get you on the right track.

Body Fat & Hormone Analysis Check-In

Weather you are a small group class participant looking for a little extra accountability, or you are a new client who wants to keep herself accountable while setting goals, a Body Fat & Hormone Analysis Check-in may be the perfect place to start.

Family Nutrition Consultations

A family nutrition consultation is a great way to change habits and get the whole family involved in a healthy lifestyle change. We will walk through your pantry and refrigerator to learn about the foods and products that are ‘TwinFitness Approved’, and what groceries to avoid the next time you’re at the store. Learn how to read labels, control portion sizes for the whole family, and learn some tricks to cooking and eating healthy with kids.

One-Time, Complete Personal Training Program Design

Our one-time, complete personal training program design has just a one-month commitment where you get to learn the ropes of basic training. During your month of training, you will receive personal guidance from your nutrition, cardio and strength training coaches so you are better prepared to train yourself independently.




Personal Training Session

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a TwinFitness Personal Training Workout?

Whether you are a beginner or have always been an athlete, always expect a creative, new workout that will keep you from ever getting bored! What truly sets our training apart is how we are always focused on our core values; each one of our trainers and coaches is caring, committed, and confident. While training with TwinFitness, you will be worked hard in a supportive and motivating environment.

What type of personal training workout will i do during my session?

We strive to make your personal training workout the most fun hour of your day. Your fitness level will dictate the specifics of what you do, but no matter what you’ll be toning and tightening your entire body. We focus on creating new and exciting routines to fend off boredom and keep your muscles guessing. One day you might perform a variety of ball squats and glute work, and another day you might focus on plyometrics. No matter what type of personal training workout you’re doing, it’ll be fun and the right level of challenge for you.

What are your group classes like?

Each week, TwinFitness hosts more than 15 small group strength training and cardio classes that are available to all of our clients. We keep class sizes small, so expect personal attention and guidance in each and every one.

What are your different training packages?

Remember we are NOT a gym; we are a private personal training studio that pays special attention to each and every client. We offer a wide range of training packages to meet a variety of health and fitness needs. If you register for personal training, expect that it also includes monthly nutrition plans, monthly cardio plans, and monthly strength training plans.

What is included in your private personal training packages?

When it comes to personal training, we’re going to hold you accountable and help you every step of the way to achieve your goals. Here’s how:

  • Monthly nutrition coaching, cardio and weight training programs to guide you in between training sessions.
  • Consistent and frequent monitoring of body fat percentage to ensure you’re losing fat and gaining muscle.
  • One, two or three in-studio sessions every week with one of our certified personal trainers.
  • Your own account on our TwinFitness mobile app and web interface where you can log your progress, track your results, make notes and communicate with your coach/trainer.
What kind of certification and/or degrees do your trainers have?

Each of our trainers is nationally certified with a minimum of two years of experience in personal training, and a 4-year degree. We care about your safety as much as your results, so our trainers are also certified in first aid and CPR. All of our trainers are dedicated to working by our core values: to be Caring, Committed and Confident.

What do i do if I need to cancel my Twinfitness membership?

We require 30 days written notice of your cancellation, so plan accordingly. (For example, if your payment is automatically drawn on the 7th of the month and you cancel on the 15th, one more payment will be withdrawn before your cancellation is effective.) Please send an email with explanation to If we don’t receive a cancellation notice, you will continue to be charged at the monthly rate.