Posing Login Instructions

Click the link that was provided in your confirmation email, or copy and paste the link into your browser. Click the link “Join Using Skype for Business Web App instead.”

Posing, Skype, Join Meeting

Click the link “Skype Meetings App plug-in” to install the browser plug-in.

Posing Skype Meeting

Once the browser has completed downloading the plug-in (bottom left), click on the plug-in to initiate the installation.

Click Run. The installation will only take a moment, and you may not be notified that it is complete.

After installation, click the green button, “Join the meeting.”

If you receive a warning message, make sure to click “Open.”

The following screen will open:

Enter your name to join. Click the blue button, “Join.”

This screen will open. Skype is adding you to the meeting.

You may receive a notification that your mic is muted. Click on the mic button to remove the slash and activate the mic.

Locate the camera button at the bottom and click on it. A screen pops up with a “Start My Video” button. Click the button to activate your video.

Once you are ready to go, your screen should look like this.