Precision Nutrition Certification for TwinFitness Trainers

Precision Nutrition Certification for TwinFitness Trainers

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Hi I’m Kristie and this is Michelle and we are here, owners of TwinFitness, to discuss our Precision Nutrition Certification we just recently got.

Yes, it is a very prestigious nutrition certification. We got it, because years ago we went to school,15 years ago, and a lot of things of changed since then and we wanted to really further our education and learn more so it would benefit us and our clients. A lot of clients might ask why we need it since we have a nutrition and exercise science degree?

Why an Advanced Nutrition Certification?

Michelle and I feel like we always can improve and and we’d like to be aware of the latest and the greatest research out there. Since we have been in school, it’s been several years now, we wanted to know, what’s going on now? What’s going on since we’ve been in school? So about six months ago we started looking for a program on nutrition certification and none of them really caught our eye until this one. We chose it because of the research this one provided us.

Precision Nutrition Certification

We started six months ago studying every week. We did a chapter a week for 17 weeks and passed a two hour exam. It’s one of the most prestigious nutrition certifications out there. Only 14 people in Kansas have the certification and five of those actually reside in TwinFitness studio. So, it’s kind of an honor.

What was involved in it, as Michelle was saying, we were part of  a study group on Tuesdays with two  of our trainers. Unit one was all involved in the science behind nutrition. What happens when you digest something in your body; if it’s a carbohydrate, if it’s a protein, if it’s a fat.

Unit two went over the psychology of helping clients, coaching them, holding their hand through the process. We learned a lot in units one and two even though we had unit one in our degrees, it was a good refresher course and it taught us a little different approach to other things as well. Unit two was awesome and fabulous because it gave us the idea for a whole new design that we called “The Ladder  to Lifestyle Success”  and we are very proud of it. We now implement it with all of our trainers and all of our clients that come in our doors as well.

So if you want some great tips on nutrition and we are all about helping you out with nutrition, holding your hand an making this a lifestyle instead of just another diet. That’s all we have for now!