Sizing Up Your Real Competition!

By: Tanya Burk

Competing in the fitness industry is not for the faint of heart. The obvious difficult aspects include the mental and physical toughness it takes to get your body in the condition it needs to be in to compete. That preparation is grueling enough! Then, take into consideration the fact that for the actual competition you must stand in front of a panel of judges, and an audience of hundreds of people, in a posing suit. Posing suits do not consist of much fabric! So you are standing, in this suit, posing in such a way as to highlight the positives of your physique and hide the negatives – and you are doing this in very high heels! You have extra hair on your head, extra nails on your fingers, a spray tan on that won’t allow you to use deodorant, and you’re wearing stage make-up! Tired yet? Next comes the call outs. (This is where even the brave of heart can start to crumble if not forewarned and prepared for the journey.)   You stand there allowing this panel of judges to size you up with the other competitors who are on stage with you. If your number gets called out first you feel good, if not, you start feeling bad. If you place you leave feeling accomplished. If you leave without placing, you feel like a failure. We’ve seen this happen too many times!

At TwinFitness we want every competitor to realize something: Competing makes you a success, not placing or winning! Think back to when you made the decision to compete. How did your body change in the process? Your body probably looked better on the day of your competition than it ever has! You are probably healthier than you have ever been! You have accomplished something most people could never, ever do! You are in a minority of the population just by going through the process and seeing it through to completion. Finishing the process and competing has to be your goal – to create the best YOU that you can be!

Competing to win is a common goal. However, you never know who is going to show up and show out at your show and how their physique will look! You never know what the panel of judges at a show is going to deem worthy of calling out. There are standards in the industry, but you have to go into every competition knowing that judging is subjective; remember, the judges are merely humans. At TwinFitness we work with our clients to become better versions of their physical (and mental) selves every time they compete. We prepare our competitors to have a mindset that their true competition has to be against themselves. As a competitor you have to go into every show striving to beat how you looked, how healthy you were, and how strong (mentally and physically) you were at your last show!

Your competition, at every show, has to be YOU! Do the thing for YOU! Make a decision to be happy with the outcome if you place first OR if you don’t place at all! If you walk into a competition with this mindset, you are setting yourself up for a positive experience. This will enable you to enjoy YOUR progress and relish in the fact that you are extraordinary! You accomplished something most will never say they accomplished. Now, stay on track for a healthy lifestyle and challenge YOURSELF again!