STOP counting your calories and start making your calories count!

STOP counting your calories and start making your calories count!

STOP counting your calories and start making your calories count!

This has been a battle for years!  Many people think that reducing calories produces results. The trust is, it will give you results as first, but after a while, you stop losing weight. Then what?

Here is a great example and a TRUE story:  We have a client that came to us, extremely tired, depleted, and very unhappy.  She had been following a diet given to her by her doctor and she was eating 800 calories a day. Her hair was falling out, her skin was dry, nails were cracking—in  fact she was so tired trying to keep up with her four kids, husband, and business that she hit rock bottom.  She was so exhausted that night that her husband had to carry her up the stairs.  When she asked her doctor about all this (I might add she was NOT seeing results—the scale was NOT moving!), her doctor’s response was to reduce her calories to 500 & go get a colonic!  The reason I am telling this story is that doctors are not always right with their approach and reducing calories is NOT the best way to go about getting leaner and tighter.  When your body is missing important macros (protein, fat, carbs) and vitamins, you energy levels drop, your hormones get imbalanced, and your metabolism stops working efficiently.  When it comes to starting a calorie-restricted diet, think twice!  You may be doing more harm that good. I don’t believe in counting calories for this matter—if you are eating the correct macro breakdown then your body will work FOR you not AGAINST you!

Below I have added a menu of my typical day.  Give it a try, don’t worry about the calories just eat everything on the list & I promise you will loss body fat in a week.

fit and fab


2 whole eggs

1 slice nitrate free bacon

Water to drink



1 scoop (25-30 G protein) Protein shake (FA PRIME)

1 oz. almonds



4-6oz Grilled turkey patty (full fat not lean)

1-2c Steamed veggies with 1 T butter



Protein shake (FA prime)

1 oz. cashew or other nut



Hamburger with 1 slice pepper jack cheese (full fat)

Salad with 4 different veggies on top (of your choice).

1 T full fat dressing of choice.


Snack (only if hungry)

Protein shake 1 scoop (FA prime)


Please note that we only eat grass-fed beef & organic products.  This is important so you can naturally balance your hormones & get your body into prime fat-burning states!


Good luck!


-The Trasey Twins