The Benefits of BCAAs – Continued

The Benefits of BCAAs – Continued

Earlier this week, we discussed the benefits of taking BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) supplements. Here are further benefits to adding BCAA into your workout routine:

6. BCAAs can reduce muscle soreness

A study found that taking BCAAs strategically throughout the day will significantly reduce muscle soreness. The strategy is this: ½ hour before exercise, 1.5 hours following exercise, between lunch and dinner, and again before going to bed. Those participating in high-intensity training will then experience reduced muscle soreness. 

7. BCAAs improve mental function and reaction time

An individual’s reaction time has been shown to improve with higher BCAA blood levels. This is a result of high protein diets improving reaction time and overall mention function. As previously discussed, BCAAs improve overall protein synthesis therefore heightening brain function after a heavy training. Those athletes that require quick timing need BCAAs for peak performance.

8. BCAA intake decreases depression and improves moods

Essential amino acids, including BCAAs, have been shown to improve depressive symptoms as well as the elderly population’s overall physical performance. The reason for this is the likely increased brain serotonin synthesis caused by BCAAs which leads to improved mood and decreased depression. Not only is this beneficial to an individual’s mood but also to their nutritional status by improving insulin sensitivity and helping to prevent diabetes.

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9. BCAAs improve overall health

Recent studies have found that BCAAs have an anti-aging effect. These amino acids also increase the formation of new mitochondria, a cell providing your body with energy. In several ways, taking BCAA supplements will prove overall health and keep us young!


When to take BCAA supplements

We recommend high endurance athletes consider taking BCAA capsules before and after a workout. For those individuals who enjoy regular exercise, we recommend adding BCAA supplements as part of your workout as well. There are several benefits for each type of athlete and we believe it will help with muscle growth as well as overall improved health.