The Mental Preparation of Competing


By: Tanya Burk

You love working out! Something about tracking your nutritional intake and trying new macro combos excites you! Others think you are crazy, but you have found something that creates energy and passion in your life, and it makes you smile! In fact, you are ready to take this fun gym thing you have fallen in love with to the next level and compete! Awesome! You know you are going to work harder than you have ever worked before to reach this goal! You also realize that you are going to have to be more dedicated to your nutrition than you ever imagined! BUT -have you considered the potential stressors a competitor feels in areas that don’t directly pertain to the gym or the kitchen? As exhausting as working out in the gym can be physically, many coaches in the fitness industry fail to acknowledge these potential stressors that are able to drain a competitor mentally. At TwinFitness we not only acknowledge these factors, we address them head on. We strive to prepare our competitors both physically and mentally to compete.

At TwinFitness we believe that success for our competitors starts in the mind. I will address two key issues that many competitors encounter. I have seen people perceive these issues as roadblocks to their goal of competing. Sadly, some have been stopped because of these roadblocks, never to reach their goal. I have also witnessed others who encounter these same roadblocks, but instead of stopping, they turn them into stepping stones that actually catapult them to their success!

Road Block #1 – People do not understand why you want to compete.

As soon as you share your goal of competing with others you will surely get mixed reactions. Some people will be excited for you and supportive! You will also have some that will not approve of your new decision. The issue of not pleasing everyone has to be addressed by a competitor. You have to come to a place where you decide if you want to please others, or please yourself. The goal of competing is a personal one. If you ask ten different competitors why they compete, you would have some similarities in answers, but the core of each competitor’s decision is always personal. Your decision has to be just that – personally yours! If you are a people pleaser, and it bothers you when you don’t have the approval of others, you really need to evaluate if competing is right for you. I have struggled with this road block myself. I made my decision by getting the approval from my immediate family and by making sure I felt it was a morally sound decision in alignment with my faith. Some people disagree with my decision to compete. I had to come to a place where I am okay with that and live my life knowing I am doing what I believe is right for me. Competitors are not always warned about the backlash they might receive from their decision to compete. Become aware of this potential roadblock, and take inventory of what is important to you. Come up with your own system of how you will determine if competing is right for you.

Road Block #2 – Life happens and training becomes too hard.

When competitors sign up for a competition they are sometimes bewildered when a situation pops up in their life that has the potential to take them off course. You were sailing along smoothly until you said you were all in and going to compete, right? Well, let me explain to you what happened -it’s this thing we call life – and yes, it does just happen! Almost every time I have made the commitment to compete, I have had big things come up in my life. I advise competitors to expect it now. If you don’t expect it, and something crazy happens in your life, you are totally thrown off guard. If you are prepared for anything and nothing happens, well then – great! You have to plan to stay the course as long as it is potentially possible. Of course, there are exceptions to what I am talking about here. Issues can arise that are life altering that actually constitutes you putting your goal on hold. BUT, for the most part, your goal can be reached even when life is not going smoothly. If you wait until everything is hunky-dory all the time, it will probably never happen for you! When you decide to compete, make it a firm decision that is established before something happens in your life that could throw you off course! At TwinFitness our Elite Coaching family of coaches and teammates are great support and encouragement! We all have life issues, and we all know what contemplating quitting feels like. We are here to help you use that roadblock as a stepping stone!

At TwinFtiness we understand that when it comes to competing, mental toughness is just as important as your strength in the kitchen or the weight room. These two potential roadblocks are part of the journey. We want you just as prepared for the mental journey as you are posing, lifting, and food prepping! If you have the desire to compete, we want to help you not only reach your goal but enjoy the journey on the way!