Three Ways to Influence Your Kids Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

Three Ways to Influence Your Kids Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to making a difference in your health and fitness endeavors, one of the greatest motivators for women is their children — playing a more active role in their lives and being around for a long, long time.  But with those benefits also comes the responsibility of influencing our kids to make healthy decisions for their lives, too.  Here are our top 3 ways to influence your kids toward better health and fitness.

#1: Get Your Kids Involved in Meal Planning

When you take the time to teach your children about fresh ingredients and why they’re important, you’re doing them a world of good.  If you ever tuned in to catch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you might remember how the kids couldn’t name common fruits and vegetables — simply because they weren’t a part of their everyday diets. We owe it to our kids that they not only know what how to name a variety of fruits and vegetables, but that they get a variety of them in their diets.  Getting kids involved and talking about the different tastes and textures can be a fun and rewarding experience on several levels.

TwinFitness can help you lead your family by example with personal training and nutrition counseling.#2: Plan Active Family Activities

While taking in a movie or spending an afternoon having a video game tournament can be fun and relaxing, change up your routine on a regular basis by getting your whole family active.  Go out to a park and kick around a soccer ball or play catch.  Find a sand volleyball court and enjoy a friendly game.  Go to a public basketball court and play HORSE.  Even just getting the family out and about for a walk can be a great way to enjoy weekend mornings or weekday evenings together.

#3: Lead by Example

When it comes to health and fitness, if your children see you complaining and dieting and treating it like a chore, then there’s a good chance they’ll develop a negative attitude, too.  On the other hand, if your children see you enjoying cooking healthy, properly portioned meals, engaging in active activities, and treating workouts like an exhilarating challenge, then they’re going to want to develop a healthy lifestyle, too.

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