Why you can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet

Why you can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet

How many time have you told yourself that you can have that extra cupcake if you go to the gym tomorrow? Have you ever forced yourself to run a few extra miles because you ate a few too many slices of pizza? Many people mistakenly believe that they can exercise to make up for their poor food choices. While exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle, you can’t “out-exercise” bad dietary habits.


Exercise doesn’t burn as many calories as people assume
The idea that you can burn off a junk food splurge by working out may stem from the misunderstanding that even a little exercise burns off hundreds of calories. Here is a piece of news you might not like to hear: The “calories burned” trackers on exercise machines are not totally accurate. These trackers do not know your metabolic rate, so they can only estimate the number of calories you have burned. They also tend to exaggerate the number.

Exercise alone won’t change your body
If you have a horrible diet, you won’t see much success even if you spend hours in the gym. In order to change your body, you have to cut calories and have a balanced diet. When you consistently make smart dietary choices and exercise, you will see results.

Don’t let this discourage you from working out. In fact, we want this to motivate you to continue exercising and staying active. Exercise has so many valuable benefits that a diet can’t provide. Exercise lowers your risk of heart disease and cancer, reduces complications connected to diabetes, and helps with depression. The positive health results of exercising are extensive. We just want you to remember that your diet is a huge factor of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let yourself believe that a one workout can erase a splurge.

At TwinFitness, we have heard all the excuses in the book. We want to help you remember that diet and exercise go hand in hand. They complement each other and depend on each other. If you are looking for more information about how to make wise dietary choices and supplement those choices with exercise, give us a call at (913)766-2298. You can stop by our studio for nutritional guidance and personal training. We are excited to help you reach your fitness goals!