For all the women out there who are 30+ years old—this one’s for you.

For all the women out there who are 30+ years old—this one’s for you.

fit and fabOur generation was raised in the ‘fat-free’ age…if the label reads ‘fat-free’, then it must not make you fat. Well, we are now in 2015 and here to tell you: that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH!

Several years ago, my sister and I set out to find a new way to eat—a new way to fuel our bodies. We were eating very lean/high-protein food, with very low fat content. We had to start looking at other options simply because we didn’t feel good. We were tired, gaining body-fat, losing muscle-mass, and feeling older then we should. Since Learning about what it means to be fat-adapted, we will never go back to the old way of eating.

As an average person ages, their body becomes very inefficient at burning fat if they are consuming carbs. In our teens and 20’s—it was very easy for us to lose weight. After both my sister and I had our kids and reached about 35—we both started to struggle when it came to weight lose and cellulite.

When we were first introduced to the ‘fat-adapted’ way, we honestly thought it sounded scary. Although the science behind it seemed correct, my sister and I have had our nutrition degrees for 34 years and were taught the food guide pyramid approach during our education—we thought “could this be the way of the future?”  It wasn’t until we started the diet when we felt and saw the difference it made to our bodies. Our energy sustained throughout the day, the cellulite on the back of our legs started to vanish, my mood became consistent, and my hormones started to really balance out! My cholesterol dropped, and my already ‘good cholesterol’ increased by 50pts! My sister and I have been training like this for 3 years now, and have NEVER felt better. We actually enjoy the food we eat everyday, and are no longer slaves to food—we don’t need to think about food ALL day or count down the hours until we get to eat next! When your body uses internal body fat for fuel (fat-adapted) you are very satisfied and seldom hungry. Below I have made a list of the ‘Top 10 Things We Love About Being Fat-Adapted”.

Remember you have to eat fat to lose fat! We challenge you to add a serving of fat to every meal and let us know how you feel. We asked a client this morning who had been training with us for one week with the ‘fat-adapted’ approach: How do you feel? She exclaimed, “My cravings really aren’t bad—at all and the workouts are going great! As of today, I am 6 lbs. down!”

We know you will love the way you look and feel!

   Top 10 Things We Love

  About Being Fat-Adapted

1. No longer a slave to food

2. Get leaner without trying as hard

3. Controlled appetite

4. Food tastes good

5. Fat is your friend

6. Steady energy all day long

7. Burn fat all day long

8. Maintain muscle mass easier

9. Butter is your friend

10. Reduction in cellulite