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Maximize Results, Minimize Guesswork

With our macro-focused nutrition guides, there’s no more guesswork when it comes to your diet. We take the complexity out of nutrition planning by providing you with clear, easy-to-follow guidelines that take the guesswork out of meal prep and planning. From calculating your macros to ensuring all your meals get delivered to your door step each week, we’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to success.

Slim Solutions– 5 Days


  • Smaller Portion Sizes designed to Tone & Slim
  • Monthly Macro Goals
  • New Meals Every Day!
  • Fresh Meals Delivered to your Door Each Week
  • Meals with Quality Ingredients & Unmatched Taste
  • Weekly Check-Ins with TwinFitness
  • Macro Coaching + Guidance
  • Access to TwinFitness App
  • Weekly Nutrition Guide

5 Days Per Week: $159-229.00/ week

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Why Choose Elite Nutrition?

Tailored for Your Goals: Every meal is a masterpiece, created with unique nutritional requirements for your goals. Whether you’re looking to slim down, build strength, increase energy and endurance, our meal prep program is your secret weapon.

Quality Ingredients, Unmatched Taste: We believe in the power of real food. Our chefs use only the finest, freshest ingredients to prepare delicious meals that don’t just fuel your body but also make your taste buds sing.

Convenience Delivered: Say goodbye to meal prep and hello to more time doing what truly matters to you. Elite Nutrition brings the perfect program directly to your front door each week.


How do I calculate my Macros?

TwinFitness has you covered! Take all the guesswork out of your macros, and leave the calculating up to us.

How does it work?

The TwinFitness team creates a weekly menu package to be delivered to your front door each week to fit your macro goals. Your weekly package consists of 5 days worth of lunch and dinners (10 meal option) or 5 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinners (15 meal option). Each meal comes in a pre portioned, microwave safe container. All you do is heat and eat!

Is this a subscription meal service?

You will be charged on a weekly basis on auto-pay. However, you can cancel anytime with a two-week advance notification sent to

How do I order/receive my meals?

You must purchase your meal plan (5 day or 7 day) directly through TwinFitness. We will take care of the rest! TwinFitness will calculate your macros, formulate your meal plan, and send your order off to the kitchen for meal prep and finally delivery straight to your front door.

Do I get to choose my meals?

No– our menus are set for the week based on your Macro goals. However, we can accommodate food allergies on a per client basis. We promise that our food will be delicious and packed full of quality ingredients to make you feel and perform your best!

Does the menu ever change?

Yes, the menu changes weekly and seasonally. Remember you will have different meals every day. Keep in mind to eat clean/healthy you will more than likely consume chicken, turkey, eggs, lean red meat and some pork for protein. This will be paired with different carbs and fats depending on your individual needs.

How long will my meals stay fresh?

Our meals are always delivered fresh (never frozen) in an insulated cooler with a very large ice pack. Shipped meals will arrive in a special insulated box liner with ice packs. We guarantee freshness of our meals for five (5) days once they are delivered. If you order the 7-day meal plan, we recommend you freeze two (2) days to ensure their freshness at the end of your week.

What are the price ranges per week?

We offer two different programs for both 10 meals a week or 15 meals a week.

Where is delivery available?

We can ship anywhere in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii.

How long does it take for you to deliver my meals after payment?

As long as you order by noon on Wednesday, we can get your meals delivered to you by Saturday morning. Shipped meals should arrive within 2 days.

How are my meals delivered?

Your meals are delivered in our custom insulated tote with a 36 ounce frozen foam brick. Meals should stay fresh for several hours depending on the outdoor temperature. Shipped meals arrive in a custom cardboard box with an insulated liner and ice packs.

Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

No. If you are not home or cannot answer your door, your delivery driver will leave your meals on your doorstep.

Are your packaging materials Recyclable?

Our containers are 100% recyclable.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Please provide TwinFitness a 2 week notice of cancellation. All cancellation requests must be sent to with your full name and shipping address.

Do you have dairy free meals?

Yes. If you are sensitive to dairy, please communicate this with TwinFitness. Any meals that contain dairy will not be included in your order. Please note that this will reduce the amount of meals we can offer you each week, so you may receive duplicate meals within your weekly plan.

Do you have gluten sensitive meals?

Yes. If you are sensitive to gluten, please communicate this with TwinFitness. Any meals that contain gluten will not be included in your order. Please note that this will reduce the amount of meals we can offer you each week, so you may receive duplicate meals within your weekly plan.
What do I do if I have other food allergies?

Please contact TwinFitness before ordering– email us at to discuss your allergies and available options.

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